Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fete Day!

I am a little behind on blogging, but I couldn't neglect a post about Fete Day. For those of you who don't remember Fete Day, it is our homemade holiday for August. We dress in a color (different each year) and then we plan some activity, invite some friends and exchange gifts of the same color we wear. This year was purple and we had a great time.
The Eddy's and Scoresby's joined us for bowling in the afternoon. I have to admit that I was a little jealous of the Scoresby's purple tie-dyed shirts. We always wear the color (of course), but I liked the look of their whole family matching. They even all picked out purple bowling balls (now there is a family that takes Fete Day seriously).

This is the first time we have taken the girls bowling and I think they enjoyed themselves. It certainly helps that the lanes have bumpers for the youngun's and a ball ramp to get the ball up to speed.

We let June try once without it, but we thought we were going to have to run down the lane and push it the rest of the way. Tyler was actually quite good at lining up the ramp to hit down individual pins. Robyn liked the air most of all

and Ivory liked that she was among friends.

I think she has a thing for Mason because you couldn't keep her away from him; and to his credit, he took everything she dished out (this included hair pulling, pinching of cheeks and possibly licking or biting). He said he didn't mind. I can tell he is going to be a good dad. Check him out, holding Daisy after asking really nicely and sanitizing his hands (Keri, you are raising a real gentleman--let me guess; he isn't this nice to his sisters usually?).

Tyler and I had a good time bowling, but our scores were not spectacular. I think the girls all beat Tyler, but Keri was the real champion of Fete Day. She had the highest score of the group (better luck next time, Stevie Buns). We took her crowning photo back at the house.

Here is the queen of Fete Day, but we had a close runner up. Bret wished he had won, but he had to settle for 'best in show' (here he sports some of Savannah's Fete Day gifts).

Back at the house we opened an assortment of purple presents and then feasted on some delicious chow. I love how Tyler is trying to escape with his homemade cinnamon rolls with purple frosting (don't worry, they didn't get far).

We had a very enjoyable day and here is one more picture of the matching shirts (Mikayla is absent because she left to babysit).

Sorry we didn't get a family picture of all of us in purple, but we just didn't look as good.


Ker said...

Such a fun day! Thanks again for inviting us! Everyone I have told this about is starting their own "Fete Day" so you are da bomb Maleen!

Emilie said...

Seriously that looks so fun, I really want to make it to one someday!

Carrie said...

I love the purple, so pretty. Bowling sounds like fun, I haven't done that in forever. The picture of Brother Eddy is hilarious.

Kristen said...

i love the purple theme! i am emma jo's friend emailing those that comment on her blog to email me and write a letter about what you love about her or memories of her. thanks kristenduke AT gmail DOT com