Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Won Third Place at the County Fair

And by County Fair, I mean our Ward's Enrichment Night where they put on a County Fair of their own. It was really fun, right down to the meal of chicken and corn on the cob. We played games and socialized. It seemed like a lot of the new babies were out (including my own), so sisters walked from car-seat to car-seat taking a peek at the new additions.
They had a Pie Contest and I decided that I could get involved in that. At the last minute I wasn't going to make one because I didn't have peaches and it meant another trip to the store (I was already having one of those weeks where you end up at the store every day despite your well-laid plans—and I know you have all had a week like that). But I went anyway, and in the end I was happy I had gone. My pie came in third place (judged by the elder's who were stuck in the nursery). It is my mom's recipe, but I have always enjoyed it. Here it is:

Peaches and Cream Pie

½ cup sugar
2 TB flour
1 unbaked pie shell
½ pint whipping cream
6 or 8 fresh peaches (or 1 large can sliced peaches)

Mix flour and sugar well. Add cream and stir until smooth. Peel and halve peaches. Remove pits. Lay in unbaked pie shell, cut side up. (Or drain can of peaches and pour into pie shell) Pour cream mixture over all. Bake in 450 oven for 10 minutes. Reduce heat to 350 and bake for another hour or until custard just sets. Rack to cool then put in refrigerator. Eat ice cold. Yum!

It is different and tasty! I thought the whole evening was very well planned. They even had some sisters in the ward perform a clogging routine they had learned. If I don't make it out to the real County Fair this year, I will count this experience just as good.


emma jo said...

OK, it's totally bizarre that you would have a dream about me and then post a comment (are you a lurker?) BECAUSE I was just trying to remember where I saw YOUR blog literally just yesterday...I knew that I had stumbled upon it from somewhere and I wanted to go back and catch up because I seemed to remember that you were expecting your 4th girl. So "ta da!" there you were and now I have to say I have bookmarked your blog so I don't lose it again (I believe Rynell is our common link...we knew them in MA.) ANYWAY! So sorry I spoiled the book, it will still be very fun and surprising (hopefully I just filled you with more anticipation!) And I simply LOVE all of your girls' names, so sweet (not to mention I tried to use Daisy with our last two!) So sweet and so fun to read...and you are right, the dream was funny to hear about :)

Desmama said...

That pie looks delicious! I'm excited for peaches this fall and will give that recipe a try!

Cindy B said...

That pie looked yummy, but I didn't get to taste it. Way to go!