Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Maleen's Musings

Where to start? I was in the shower (where I do some of my thinking) and I decided that I had a lot of random thoughts that needed to be spoken, so lucky you...here they come. Of course, you can decide now to stop reading, but since you are already here--take a gander.

My allergies have been so much better this year. I don't know if this is because I was pregnant, or that I am getting used to the pollens and such, or if everyone felt better this year. Whatever the reason, I am certainly not complaining. Instead, I am rejoicing. I have not had ONE night where I couldn't breathe. This is miraculous. Now, don't get me wrong, I can't mow the lawn or weed the garden without some serious sinus discomfort, but as a whole, I feel GREAT! I have made my peace about living with a tissue within arms reach, but the added bonus of a whole allergy season of breathing...I feel like I won the lottery. Now, when I say breathing, this means that at least one nostril is clear. This may still sound uncomfortable to some of you, but people, one nostril is a whole lot better than no nostrils. Trust me on this one. So, I will do my happy dance out of summer and into fall and just hope I don't get sick. Fingers crossed (only once this time).

We went to the end-of-the-summer-reading-program-party-thing last night. It was enjoyable, although Tyler and I didn't win anything this year. They had a Jeopardy game and it was fun to see what I knew. I don't think I would have won (had I been a contestant) because there was this amazingly intelligent lady playing, but I would have given her a run for her money. As it was, they added lifelines so the contestants could ask the audience if they didn't know an answer. I was very proud to have contributed in that respect. The category was Mystery (I think) and the question was "This author used to be a jockey but now writes mysteries involving horses." The contestants were stumped so they used a lifeline, and I swear I was the only person yelling from the audience. Does no one know Dick Francis?? He writes great mysteries. My mom introduced me to them and they are very exciting. So thanks mom: you made me look smart in a room full of people who claim to be readers. Okay, that sounds derogatory. I am actually very happy that so many people sign up for the program and that reading is happening at all (it is almost a lost art to some people) but it is telling that the number one reviewed book for the summer was, The Host by Stephenie Meyer.

Even as I speak of summer fading away, I will miss all the nice sunshine. I am blessed with A/C so I don't notice how hot it is some days. However I do notice the sunny skies. One of my favorite things in the world is when the sun comes out from behind a cloud and all the rooms in the house light up (as if the house was having a giant epiphany, or the Savior just entered the room). It is such a warm happy feeling. Ahh...

If you stop and think about it, it is rather ridiculous that all sitcoms have this silly laugh track in the background so people know when to laugh. The other evening, I couldn't hear the dialogue (because I was too far away) but I could hear the laugh track. It went off after every single line trying to spur the audience to laughter. I still think it is rather silly, but I guess it proves the point that it is more fun to laugh with someone.

My kids are coming back TODAY!! YAY!! That is NOT the tragedy. They are coming back early because a lady died in my mother-in-law's ward and Vicki is in charge of funeral organizing. So, I am very happy to be seeing my children again (and early) but I hate that it is at the expense of other peoples' happiness.

Blat. So my children are coming back (good thing) but it means the magic will end (bad thing). What magic, you might ask? Well, my mother-in-law is magic. Didn't I tell you? She potty trains my children in the blink of an eye, and yet, I can't seem to duplicate the feat. Last time the kids went up there, Robyn did not have to wear a diaper to bed (like she does at home). Wow, I thought: she has finally learned to go through the night. Um, no. She came back home and it was wet beds all over again.
So, of course, Robyn has not needed a diaper the entire time she has been up there. But even worse, Ivory has not needed one either. Ivory has been using the potty down here (nothing consistent), but miracle Grandma has worked her spell, and the child is potty trained. I feel terrible because I actually sit here wishing that Ivory would have an accident so Grandma could see that she really isn't ready yet (after all, if she were ready, I would have helped her figure it out), but no...instead I hear stories like everyone going to the zoo and Ivory asking to go potty. Well, they weren't near a potty so Grandma told her to wait. Ivory asked again later, but they still weren't near a bathroom so she was again told to hold it. Grandma may have been doubting her powerful influence by this point because she put Ivory in a diaper (just in case). However, they arrived home later and Ivory reminded Grandma about the potty, and sure enough, she had a dry diaper.
So, will I be able to replicate these amazing happenings when the girls get back...probably not. Yes, it makes me feel a bit like a failure, but what can you do? Maybe Vicki will let me borrow her magic wand.

Thanks for enduring the blathering. There are my thoughts for today.


¡Vieve! said...

So many thoughts to have happen in a shower! I was literally just thinking of the laugh track thing as I started watching this show on DVD-and it laughs at so many things that aren't funny!

Emilie said...

You are so funny! Here is mine....the mosquitos have been far less this summer. I wonder why?? We haven't had to live with mosquito repellant on our bodies this year as we have in previous years. What is up?

Ker said...

WOW Maleen- you are a plethera of info here! I love it, and I have a magic mom, not a magic mother in law. Isnt it the BEST! My kids love their grandma! Anyways, great post. I love your Musings.

Chelle! said...

WOW!! So many thoughts...so many more things to think about while showering!!! I am glad that you have a magical mother-in-law. YIPPEE!!