Sunday, August 17, 2008

Let's See a Show of Hands...

...all those who like to go to the dentist?


No hands?

Except you there in the back. What, was your father a dentist? I mean, who could possibly enjoy having their teeth scraped and if they are really lucky, they can come back to get their teeth drilled. Not my idea of fun. So I am less than thrilled to be going to the dentist tomorrow. Here is hoping I don't have any cavities.

The good news is I finally finished my other book, so I can now devour Breaking Dawn. Do you think the dentist would let me read while he cleans my teeth?

p.s. I am very impressed. Several people got the kids correct. The first one was Daisy and the second was Robyn.


Melanie said...

My dad is a dentist and I still have always hated going. The receptionist who had been there practically my whole life loved to tell the story about how I was the worst patient as a kid that office had ever seen.

Good luck!

meganmushrat said...

Well, I got Daisy right - but missed Robyn. Perhaps that's because I have seen Daisy as a baby more recently. Maybe you should try posting all four as babies and see how easy it is to pick them out (I'll bet Ivory stands out!). About dentists - I won't even go there (shudder).

Deanne said...

My hand is not raised. Best of luck with the scraping. I will send my best "no cavities" vibes your way.

Cindy B said...

Good luck! Randy went in and he has 3 cavities! Not too happy. Hope you'll have better luck.