Thursday, August 28, 2008

Swimming at Grandma's

Since my last post was rather wordy, I thought I would put this one in since it is mostly pictures. Do you recall the 255 pictures Grandma took...well here are a few more.

Here is most of the gang. Kathryn (a SIL) with her three boys (KJ in her lap, Kaysen to her left and then Hinckley standing) and my three girls on the towels. Yep, she has all boys and I have all girls.

Here is my other SIL, Amber, with her youngest, Jack.

Robyn and Rozzlyn (Amber's oldest) had a great time together. Grandma said they held hands most of the time while they played.

June was warming up on the toasty cement. Tyler says he used to do that all the time.

This picture makes me laugh. Kaysen and Hinckley are hosing down Rozzlyn, but she seems to be enjoying it.

Here are my three sillies.


Chelle! said...

Oh, that pool looks like so much fun!! I remember swimming and then, laying on the hot cement to get warm. How fun!!!

Deanne said...

You have some darling little sillies! It looks like they had a marvelous time.

¡Vieve! said...

I love swimming and summer pool parties! I wish I were still a small child to do all that. You can still do it now...but people look at you funny.

Sunny said...

ps - your daughters are ADORABLE!!

Kayla said...

That pool looks like great fun! And your girls are darling. They get cuter every time I see them!