Friday, August 29, 2008

Ha Ha

I go scrapbooking with Keri each month. She is my good friend and so she knew about little Daisy long before Daisy even had a name. When I was contemplating the name Daisy, I told Keri,
"Knowing me I will probably end up shortening her name. After all, we call Ivory, Ives all the time. So who knows, I may end up calling her Days instead of Daisy."
To which Keri replied,
"How cute, you would have Days of our Ives."

Ha Ha

Recently I was listening to KidStuff on the radio. There was a guy on there named Ralph from Ralph's World (a show I have never seen), but it must have music on it. He said that after a show one time a mother came up to him and told him a funny story. Her kids had gotten into the habit of listening to ONLY songs from Ralph's World in the car. The mother wanted to hear something else so she suggested The Beatles. The kids only agreed to listen because she told them The Beatles were Ralph's cousins. After a short time one of her kids came up to her and said, "Ralph's cousins really aren't as good as he is. They must feel really bad about that."

Ha Ha

Wow, it is definitely a different generation being raised. I still love The Beatles. Then again, I haven't heard this Ralph guy. Maybe he isn't too bad.


¡Vieve! said...

Ha ha she's punny! How sad those tiny children don't think the Beatles are good! I heart them.

Sunny said...

Funny. Wish I were as quick.

Stacy said...

Ha! I love Keri's comment. And I love it Maleen that you always have new blogs that I can count are great :)