Saturday, January 17, 2009

Luck of the Draw

Last night was our annual Laser Tag Fest that we do for Tyler's birthday. I'd like to say that I did really well; that I won again.

Not so much. was because I had a bad gun. I know you are all saying, "Yeah, right Maleen, that is not even a clever excuse." Which is proof that it is not an excuse—it is the truth. So, it seems that other years I must have gotten a gun that actually functioned because the piece of trash I wielded last night was doing me no favors.

First, it wouldn't shoot anyone, meaning it didn't seem to register on other people's suits, even when I was hitting them point blank (very hard to score with this problem).

Second, it would shoot even when I wasn't firing it, which would be useful (I guess) if those random shots could actually hit someone (see first point).

Third, sometimes it wouldn't fire at all. I would push the trigger over and over while nothing happened (meanwhile people were scoring on me). Then the gun would remember that we were playing a game and it would work again, only to malfunction moments later.

All this resulted in a scenario much like this: Me coming face to face with the other team. We would both fire and almost every time, my suit would light up because I had been hit, yet again. I did have a good time overall, but the game is WAY more fun when your gun works. I wasn't even a threat. My final standing was 12 out of 14. Sad huh?

Pliley was our big winner, congrats! The birthday boy came in 6th and that was cool. I think he hit me 8 times where as I only got him twice; lame.

Thanks to everyone who came for the fun. And if you ever tell me that you did poorly because you had a bad gun, I will totally believe you.

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¡Vieve! said...

Oh man, good times. Take solace in that had I been, I would have been in very last place. You probably would have beat me.