Friday, August 5, 2011

Surgery Girl

Yesterday was the big day. It was time for Ivory to get her tonsils out in hopes that she now, won't snore like a grown man, but more importantly, breathe without hindrance. Ivory was pretty excited getting ready for the big day. We have heard about her sugery daily for months now, but it has been particularly comical these last few days.

Me: Who's going to say the prayer?
Ivory: Me, because I'm surgery girl.

Me: Did every one get a cookie?
Ivory: Yes, but I should get two because I am surgery girl.

Ivory: I should get to choose the movie, because I'm surgery girl.

(You get the idea.)

She is still trying to use the surgery girl card, but it is not working as well since she is clearly restricted from some things.

I was so proud of her. She was never worried, or hysterical. She never cried, unless you count when a book-shelf smooshed her fingers in the office. I filled out paperwork when we got there and Ivory read.

Shortly, we were called back and she pretended she was scared. (She wasn't).

And one new shirt and a new blanket made her forget all her nervousness. (Notice she had already brought her mandatory blankets, Crabby and Soft.) Here she is sitting with Dad. She has a hard time being serious.

I wonder where she gets that?

We had to wait a long time back there. Over an hour. But we made do. We piled blankets on Ivory.

We watched Tangled.

We compared matching bracelets.

The anesthetist and a nurse came back to talk to us. The doctor finally arrived and then it was time for her to go. I wish I had gotten a picture of her as they wheeled her out in a wagon. (They do try to make it fun for the kids, as fun as surgery can be.)

Her tonsils came out before she did. These little big guys will probably not be missed much.

And then she was back with us again. She was pretty groggy.

And she still had her IV in.

But she was a trooper and started to eat and drink right away.

Three popsicles, two apple juices, a water, several hours of Loony Toons and an IV fluid bag later, she was good to go.

We are trying to manage her pain right now and some times are worse than others. She had a really rough night, but I was planning as much. I slept in her room with her and tried to comfort her with ice chips, tylenol, and popsicles. Hopefully these two weeks will go quickly. But at least surgery girl made it.

Her sisters were all very excited to have her back. I especially liked the chalk drawing that June made for her return. It is her soft blanket and above it says, Lead me, Guide me, Sleep Beside me.

There is no doubt you are loved Ivory. Good job, and heal quickly.


Katie said...

What a trooper! I had my tonsils out when I was in first grade and can still remember how not fun it was (except for eating lots of ice cream and jello, that was good). I hope she feels better soon!

Gaynelle said...

What a great sport she is. I hope she heals quickly. The good news is that the snoring will stop.

Desmama said...

Oh, precious girl! I love the little chalk drawing. I have a feeling she'll do a lot better than I did, given that I'm 32 and she's, what, like 5 or something? I so hope she heals quickly. I wish I could bring her some nice warm pudding or cool ice cream! Those really were the best things . . . Heal fast, sweet pea!

¡Vieve! said...

Tonsils out so young - which I hear is better, but oh man. My thoughts are with her and the pain of not eating what you want!