Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Too Cool for School

Ah yes, the blogs abound with children getting back to their educational experiences, and parents getting back to a bit of sanity. And no, not sanity because they despise their kids and can't wait to get rid of them, but the sanity that a good schedule brings. We are doing the early route around here, and although there are some bleary eyes in the morning (namely mine), at least we are up and running and feeling good about it.

I barely got the obligatory pictures, and I won't lie; they weren't so hot. Let's look at my failures, shall we.

The light was crazy and I had to color correct this thing a ton, and it still doesn't look quite right.

I never could get a picture of her looking at me, but you see the bus and therefore know that I was accompanying her.

(One day is all you get before I just throw you out the door. Okay, I will probably walk Ivory more often, but that is because she will be in PM and I won't be debating whether a shower or my child is more important.)

June is not quite in focus. Go mom! (Oh, and June wanted me to point out that I didn't have time to do her hair. Bonus points all around.)

June gets the special treat of her own personal chauffeur. Tyler is driving her since she is going to a different school. Gotta love the bright sun and closed eyes.

So, all around fabulous photos. But, you get the idea. School is back in session. They are having a blast. And I will be enjoying my minis who are still here.


Suzie Petunia said...

Looks like you had just as good a luck with getting those first day of school photos as I did. Yay for school starting!

meganmushrat said...

Yeah - Tim gets his own chauffeur too, but this year it won't be to school - it will be to Seminary! He still isn't happy about not being able to be in Jazz band, but as our home teacher said "Jazz band vs. Seminary - which one is more likely to get you to the Celestial Kingdom?"

Of course, we still have a couple of weeks before school starts. We've got all the school supplies, but we still need to go clothes shopping. At least he's easy to please.

Wait until next year when you have three in school and one in pre-school!

¡Vieve! said...

Yea for school! I loved the first days always, I hope the girls did too.