Sunday, August 28, 2011


I would like to warn you in advance that these photos are not pretty. You will soon understand why.

Photos of the week:

This first one is my Arch-Nemesis. We will call him DR. GARAGE.

Really, he is not innately evil. His evilness was thrust upon him by the mere fact that he is the only storage space in the house. He is not large and we try to cram him full of stuff and he rebels by spitting stuff back at us. I have looked at this beast from many angles and there are times that it is cleaner than others. (This would be one of those others) But, it comes down to the fact, that there are too many free-standing objects that take up space and won't allow a car to fit in there. Like bikes, coolers, lawn mower, and strollers (many). We already hang luggage, the shop vac, some older bikes,and all the Christmas decorations. We need a shed. Badly. I even ventured into the attic space the other day to see if it was a viable storage area. Well, after hauling a ladder up the stairs, scraping paint off my walls while setting up the ladder, then opening the attic and having my head melt into my neck, I thought that nothing would survive a summer up there and I couldn't spare the extra paint. Plus, the insulation is too high, and I couldn't put boards across it to store stuff anyway.

But mark my words. I will find a way to get my car into the garage before Halloween. DR. GARAGE, I am not defeated yet. Maybe.

This second picture would be the Vice President Arch Nemesis. We will call him MAGNETO.

I call my bathroom counter this, because I am convinced there is some large magnet in the counter-top that sucks things back onto the surface. I can clean it off incessantly, and it only takes moments for things to materialize back on the counter. This picture is a good assortment of the usual: Hair stuff, dishes (because I never leave them near the computer, but I am too lazy to walk them downstair), bandaids I have taken away from Daisy for the millionth time, floss because we all floss tons (no, really I have no idea why that is out), and other miscellaneous objects. Oh, like the shampoo for which I do not have a pump that goes far enough down, so I can't throw the bottle out until I buy a longer pump or pour it into my hand. But I lost the top long ago, so I can't actually keep it in the tub or one Daisy (sorry I always pick on you kid, that's just the way it is) would pour the whole thing out in one sitting.

And so MAGNETO lives another day. He probably will outlive DR. GARAGE and take over the title of Arch Nemesis, but perhaps CAPTAIN MOM will vanquish them both someday. It is possible, especially if I learn to keep the kids out of my bathroom. They have their own by the way. Mine is just cooler, mainly because I am in it. And it has no door*, so I can't really keep them out. So, like I said, someday when we move...I will rule ALL.

*CAPTAIN DAD would like you all to know that our other two bathrooms DO have doors; in case you worried about our family preserving privacy and/or mom being able to lock herself inside for a quiet moment.


meganmushrat said...

Lucky you if you only have two spots in the house that are arch-enemies. Sometimes I think our entire house falls into this category (and you've been here so you know I'm not kidding). By the way - Tim has you beat in the "messy room" category. We used to tease you that we didn't know the color of your carpet from all the stuff on your floor, but Tim takes that a step farther. He has several layers! He says he's working on it . . .

Suzie Petunia said...

You are just the superhero for the job! We all have our nemesises (nemesi?) Good luck tackling your's! You can do it!

Suzie Petunia said...

P.S. And just because you laughed at me when I said I would never have piles of laundry to fold again... I have kept on it just to prove you wrong. And it feels great. ;)

¡Vieve! said...

I hear you on the bathroom counters just having tons of hair stuff - that sometimes you just don't use anymore.

Tim Dargan said...

sounds like my room- Mysterio!