Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another One on the Road to Edjukashun

Ivory started Kindergarten this week and she is ecstatic to be in the 'big' school finally. I am a bit bummed that all three aren't at the same school watching out for each other, but June loves her A.L.L. school so much, and Robyn still runs into Ivory sometimes, that I can be okay with the whole thing. Ivory rides the bus by herself (since Robyn leaves earlier), and she doesn't mind a bit. There are plenty of people she knows. Apparently, she is getting too attached to the bus because when I picked her up today, she broke down into tears because she wanted to ride with her friends. Note to self: Don't pick up Ivory.

I managed to grab a shot of her on her first day, but I had seen this, and I had to try it. What a fun way to keep memories. (Now I have to go back and do the other girls.)

I'm glad she is only gone half the day. It seems that just when they get to a super useful age, the school gets them. Although, Daisy is better with Pearl than any of the other kids, so I probably have the best matched set at home right now.


Emma Jo said...

First day of school...adorable. We have a few more days of summer break and then kaboom! nearly empty house. I had better finish my current posts before first day of school pictures need a place to be.

meganmushrat said...

Her favorite food is salad?! I thought all kids hated salad. Tim still doesn't like it. And wasn't pink her favorite color? I'm glad she's in the 'big' school now. Won't be long before all your little chicks will be out of the nest for part of the day. Have fun keeping up with all their homework!

Tim Dargan said...

My 1st day of school I cried after my parents left and they had to come back and make sure that I knew that school was not scary. I know know that they lied to me but oh well. I can't get out of it now.

Carrie Lu said...

Cute cute photo and favorites, love it! She's so funny.