Saturday, September 24, 2011

Good News

I won't complain about my lack of blogging, because that is probably going to be the norm for a while (read: 3-5 years), but I will keep up as best I can. And most likely I will fall into a pattern and get my groove back. Goll, you threw off my groove.

But I didn't come here to complain tonight. I wanted to tell you all the great things that are happening. First and foremost...I can BREATHE!! I never did go to an allergist, but I remembered the name of a nasal spray I used back when I only had June. Turns out that they still have the stuff, and my pediatrician felt okay prescribing it to me. (Over the phone even. I LOVE my pediatrician.) It takes a few days for full effect, but those days were swift compared to my misery and now I feel great. This is stellar, because right about now, I usually have a raging sinus infection brought on by my stinkin' allergies, but instead, I am free and clear. It's the bomb-diggity. (I don't know if I am allowed to say that being as white as I am.)

Ivory is thinking about being dry during the night.

It turns out that bed-wetting is a common side effect of having large tonsils. Ivory's body was so busy keeping her alive and breathing that it wasn't too concerned about waking her up to go to the bathroom. The doctor mentioned that she might do better after the surgery. It has been almost two months and I didn't see an ounce of difference. Then one night she woke up to go potty, and then another. After three nights waking up dry, we decided to risk going to bed in just underwear. She promptly peed through that evening. Naturally. BUT, the fact that we are having dry nights at all is good news.

We made it through another school carnival. Granted, we lost a child at this one, which makes it less fun and more embarrassing since everyone knows us. I mean, if we are going to lose a kid, we might as well do it at June's school where none of our neighbors look over and think, Oh, that's not surprising. The good news is that they used real FACE paints this time around. Sure Robyn and Ivory chose a spider because they think it is fun to tease mom, but they washed off easily. :)

Funny spider story if you have a minute. Dad caught a spider in a jar the other Saturday and Robyn thought it would be great fun to shove it in my face. She tried luring me out by saying, 'Mom, I have the cutest thing to show you...come here.' Well, oddly enough, a spider in a jar is just not as terrifying to me, but I still don't want to cuddle with it. I told them to let it go outside somewhere, but instead they left the jar in the garage.

Fast forward two days. I am helping June with her homework and I hear a loud crash in the garage. I ran out to see a broken jar and pieces all over the garage. (It shattered pretty well.) You would think that a little voice would go off in my head warning me why the jar was out there. (After all, we had put all the jars away just so little hands wouldn't drop them.) But luckily, my memory is so bad, I had already forgotten about Maleficent (as Dad so lovingly named the spider.) right up to the point where I was picking up Polly Pocket pieces and found a large spider underneath. Then it all came flooding back, painfully clear. Fortunately, the neighbor boy heard the scream and came and squished the spider for me. Now, I can do my own spider killing when necessary, but I am happy to pass the chore to someone else. But the good news is that had I remembered what the jar was holding, I wouldn't have cleaned up anything at all. I would have left the mess for Tyler to deal with when he got home.

In other good news, the kids are cute and they seem to get along fairly well. June seems to be honing her mothering skills. She is often found helping the littlest minis. I took these pictures because I was impressed with how patient she was being. Daisy's hands often smooshed into her eyes.

But Daisy sure was enjoying herself.

I also tend to be gone a lot of evenings, but I am comforted when Tyler takes a picture like this.

First, at least someone is taking pictures, but mostly it cracks me up because this is a typical moment. Robyn, in the tub. Ivory, reading a book on the potty. And Daisy listening and supplying books when needed. Ivory is getting to be quite a good reader. She won't let me read to her very often anymore.

Lastly, this last picture is just funny. I was making cookies and Dad offered Daisy a bite of the dough. She looked at it for a minute and said, "Whoa...big one." But then she opened wide anyway.

Who can resist cookie dough? Don't worry, we didn't actually feed her that bite, or any dough for that matter. Tyler frowns on it because of the raw egg. I try to honor his wishes and not feed the kids, but that doesn't stop me from sampling the batter.

Oh, one last good news. The General Relief Society Broadcast was fabulous this evening. President Uchtdorf has definitely been blessed with the ability to speak. His talk tonight, centered around the Forget-Me-Not, was amazing.

I don't think the entire thing is uploaded yet, but here are some snippets.

And now I get to go to bed. That is good news too. Sweet dreams everyone.


Kelly(M&M) said...

Hi, you don't know me, but I am good friends with Suziepetunia so I lurk your blog sometimes. Your family is beautiful and I wanted to add that I loved President Uchtdorf's talk also.

¡Vieve! said...

And now I want to eat some cookie dough. Cute pics!

Emma Jo said...

I love all girls, I just do, so sue me.
And big tonsils you say? I am running to check in the throat of one daughter that shall remain unnamed.
Mmm, cookie dough.

Deanne said...

I love it! I'm ashamed to say that I don't share Tyler's point of view about cookie dough. We are all cookie dough eaters around here. One of these days it might catch up to us and I'll change my mind, but in the meantime, we'll live it up!

President Uchdorf's talk was amazing. I would really like to memorize it and tell it to myself every day.