Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Once again I am cheating. I had looked ahead and worried about this theme, because what if there wasn't a fantastic sunset the week I needed it. So, I took this picture a while ago, but in the end, it is still my photography, so I don't see why I can't break rules that aren't really there in the first place.

Photo of the week:

It was a beautiful night, but I don't feel that my camera always captures what I see, so I bumped up the purple and pink hues because that is my favorite type of sunset.

And then I did a color burn because it looks cool and I would love to see a sunset that looks like this.

Of course, it could mean the second coming is close at hand, so let's hold off on that.


meganmushrat said...

I have always loved sunsets and sunrises. In fact, some of my favorite cross-stitch patterns are the black silhouettes of animals and trees against a stunning orange-red background of the sun rising or setting. That last picture of yours does rather look like impending doom, doesn't it? Glorious doom, but doom none the less.

Emma Jo said...

I love where we live but because it's so wooded, it's difficult to ever see a sunset quite like this, the first one, that is :)

Sharona said...

I love and miss you!!!! 12 year old flip flops...you go!