Thursday, September 15, 2011

Robyn Chalae Won't Put Things Away

Okay, kind of a lame rhyme, but the truth nonetheless. I love Robyn, but I am surprised at finding her stuff all over the house. Socks under the dining room table. Her shoes strewn carelessly by the door. Her little fan (purchased at the fair) found everywhere and replaced (by me) in her room each time. (I usually wouldn't bother supervising her trinkets, but if Pearl laid hands on it for one minute, there wouldn't be much fan left.) This doesn't have much to do with anything, except this post is mainly about Robyn, so I thought I would mention some things about her, even if they aren't the stellar things she will want to be remembered for. After all, my parents still call me "Little Messy" even though I have changed my ways.

Robyn has many excellent qualities as well. She is quite the little reader and I find it amusing that her favorite books are geared toward boys. Not that girls (or adults) don't enjoy them. She started off reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and now she is into Captain Underpants. I think she enjoys the humor in them. Speaking of favorites, I have not been faithful about capturing another 'school' photo, so I took one of her in bed tonight. Close enough, right?

Robyn has been on my mind because she has said some funny things lately. I wish I could remember all the faux pas my kids utter, but I will be content with the ones that make it here:

(I asked Robyn if she knew where her cup was.)

Robyn: Yeah, it's over by the cauldron.

Me: ?? (pause)

Me: You mean crockpot?

Robyn: Yeah, I was just about to say that.

(Today, June was discussing why she was going to give her Incan treasures to children in Kindergarten. Robyn argued that they would make their own when they got to 3rd grade.)

June: But what if they move? It would be nice for them to have those things.

Robyn: Yeah, as a remembery.

(For the record, I think that should be a word now.)

Robyn is great. She watches Pearl for me for quarters. Cheapest baby-sitter yet.

There are two Hispanic girls that come play in the garage with our girls and Robyn has taken it upon herself to teach the older one more English. (I actually don't know if Callista needs help, but she seems to enjoy playing 'school' regardless.) Robyn told me that she taught her sentences today. Sweet girl.

Robyn is very concerned with right and wrong and doing things correctly. When she does something wrong, she always says, "I don't want to tell you this..." and then proceeds to tell me anyway. I sure hope that never changes.

Actually I hope that a lot of things don't change about Robyn. Sure, she will grow and learn, but I hope her heart stays pure and good.


Emma Jo said...

Cute. Cute cute cute.

¡Vieve! said...

I'm totally going to start using the word remembery. And I like the idea of calling a crockpot a cauldron. So cute she is.