Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Autumn and Tools

Photos of the week:

Welcome Autumn.

Okay, so it still feels pretty nice outside, but it has just an edge of coolness. The leaves are slowly jumping off the branches with the promise of Fall right behind them. This is perhaps my most favorite time of year. (One of these years I will really make a decision between Spring and Fall, but it hasn't happened yet. I am totally that lame person all scared of commitment. That isn't like me because I tend to be very opinionated. Okay, I am making my choice. Fall, I pick you. Not because you are happening right now, but because you are so cozy and friendly. You bring Halloween and apple cider. You make the air smell different and I love the crunch of leaves under my feet. You don't have everything because truthfully you eventually make my flip-flops obsolete, but I will embrace you as my favorite season because are.)

I grabbed some decorative pumpkins at the store and was delighted to find they were only 48 cents each. (They were supposed to be 48 cents a pound, but I didn't argue.) Pearl is fascinated by the new additions. Just wait until we carve pumpkins later.

And to keep up on the photography challenge (sorry I keep slipping behind) I'll add in this week as well. The theme was tools, and although I love me a hammer, because I tend to hang things all over my house, my favorite tool would be this:

Don't try to tell me it is not a tool. It is. And I would be lost without it. Take away my TV, and my books, I would rather keep my computer. (But only because I could read the books online. I am so sneaky that way.) Do you have a favorite tool? Eye-Lash Curler, Blender, Pencil Sharpener? What?


Emma Jo said...

Vacuum. That's a tool for a Mom, right?

Maleen said...

Testing... Svetlana, I am checking to see if this thing still works.

Svetlana and Scott said...

Oh, I wish I had one. It used to be a glue gun (when I discovered its existence since we don't have that thing in Russia), but than I lost all my excitement about crafts and etc, and glue gun got lost somewhere in the house...
Can't wait till your pumpkin carving photos - they are always fun and awesome in many ways!!!