Monday, August 15, 2011

Water and Shadows

Behind again, I am, yes.

I wasn't really feeling the water picture. Really, I should have just put in the one from this post. But, since I am running more and that is the what is on my mind, this little baby is keeping me sane.

Photo of last week:

Have I mentioned that I am a sweater? (And I'm not talking about Cashmere.)

The weather was rather stormy last night and that led to the usual puddle in our garage. I pretty much curse the builders who layed the garage floor every time it rains. I forgot it was out there, and Pearl found it first.

Which led me to shadows. Pearl had on socks and she would leave splotchy blob-prints at first, but eventually, they would turn into little footprints as there was more pressure from the foot than anywhere else. And almost as quickly, they would disappear. Unfortunately for me (since I was determined to get my shadow picture today) it was overcast, but watching Pearl walk around, leaving prints that disappeared before my eyes, it was like watching shadows fade. I'm sure I could give it all very profound significance if I weren't so tired.

Photos of the week:
crazy that she had socks on while she made these

The sun finally came out this evening and I love the shadows it makes behind this new frame I got. I have a fun plan for it. Remind me to show you the finished product when I get the pictures in.

This picture was not taken today, but I love the little shady lane between our house and the neighbors. Pearl went exploring in her awesome tie-dye. (Wait, shade..shadows. They aren't exactly the same. I think I am stretching now.)

 But caught up, I am, yes.

Oh, and in case you were wondering. When you combine socks, puddles, and lots of traveling, you get some very dirty feet.

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Emma Jo said...

How I love little footprints...and if I were a kid, a puddle in the garage would be the coolest!