Tuesday, February 26, 2013

AMEX Anyone?

Maleen and I got away for a little "Mom & Dad" out-on-the-town time. Mostly this was spent shopping for the littles. After we finished in one shop, Maleen expressed how pleased she was that I was buying everything because then it wouldn't be on her account. Ah, so that's how we stay "in budget!"

Anyway, I whipped out my AMEX and handed it to the cashier. She politely explained, "We don't take American Express." Maleen pointed at the little sign that apparently exists on all cashier's tables and mumbled something about how they have a sign and everything. As I sheathed the AMEX, I was trying to bumble my way, unsuccessfully, through an excuse.

I grabbed the next card and handed it to the cashier. She tilted her head quizzically and repeated, "Sir, we don't take American Express."

Looking down I realized I'd put my card in my wallet, only to draw the exact card out again. I just started laughing and fished out my VISA. Probably wouldn't be the last four-letter word of the night.

AMEX: it's everywhere you think your VISA is.

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meganmushrat said...

It's amazing how many places won't take AMEX, but they'll take the Discover card! Lame.