Thursday, February 21, 2013

Extra! Extra! Birthday Girl Turns Seven!

A most anticipated birthday happened yesterday. Perhaps it is because she has to make it through a long winter to reach her date, but Ivory was super excited to finally celebrate and become one year older. (I teased her that we would still have cake and presents, but I would like her to remain six this year. She didn't go for it.)

Ivory requested breakfast in bed. I even came home early from running, but upon entering the house around 6:30, she was already awake in the living room. My guess is she was already experiencing birthday excitement. I told her that it would be rather hard to bring her breakfast in bed when she was already up, and she immediately said, "No, I'll go back to bed." And she did.

Dad and I were able to bring up her tray. And all the girls benefited from a warm breakfast. (Not a common occurrence around here.) Although watching Pearl eat, I can see why I might skip the extra work. I'm pretty sure that Pearl didn't touch her french toast. She only dipped her finger repeatedly in the whipped cream.

Ivory spent her time comfortably upstairs. I like how she made an 'I' with her French Toast strips.

We let Ivory open one present before school. She has been wanting a new small blanket for some time, and she was able to pick it out of the line up. Her previous blankets (Crabby and Soft) are well loved. I am sure the new one (dubbed Canada) will have a special place in our home.

I would say that Ivory had a great day. Dad took her out for lunch. Mom met her with Balloons after school.

In the evening, we opened the rest of her presents. She loved everything. She is still at a great age where she is easy to please. She got gum and tic tacs and thought they were great. She got books and notebooks and was ecstatic. The lava lamp was a huge hit. (She needed some kind of night light, and I thought this would be fun.) It hadn't warmed up enough in this picture to be making cool bubbles, but you get the idea.

Tyler also made her a really cool shelf, but it is not mounted on the wall yet. Pictures to come.

And after dinner, we of course had a treat. Ivory requested store-bought cupcakes. Works for me. But I did buy the more gourmet tasting ones than the ones with cute toys on top. Here is Ivory making her wish.

When she was about to blow out the candle, we thought Daisy was going to steal her thunder, but instead we realized she was just leaning in to give the birthday girl a kiss. Super sweet.

Ivory is a delight in our home. She brings a fair amount of drama, but she wouldn't be Ivory without it. We just joy in the good days. (Of which there are many.) I couldn't imagine our house without this cute personality in it. We sure love you Ivory Elaine.


meganmushrat said...

Sometimes the middle child has a tendency to be overlooked, but I don't think that will every happen with Ivory! She's got a long way to go to her 'golden' birthday, but I'm sure she'll make life interesting every step of the way.

¡Vieve! said...

Happy birthday to Ives! I'm so glad she had such a special day, good for you guys to give her a great one!