Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Sometimes you need to put the iron glove over the velvet hand to catch the flying bird," and other romanticisms

I just got a visit here at work from my Alpha and two underlings. They came bearing Valentine's gifts and well wishes. Here are some important things to remember about Valentine's gifting:
  1. It's always fun to receive a gift. 
  2. It's better to get it at work where everyone stares at you in jealous awe as the gifts are presented. 
  3. It's even better when the gift, that is given to you at work, makes music so that all must now participate—willingly or otherwise—in the confirmation of your awesomeness. 
  4. And to top it off, it the gift includes a card that can be read aloud to excellent effect, communicating deep and abiding love on a level that is simply unintelligible to others in the room, this is the crowning pinnacle of Valentine's gift giving. 
My wife delivered a card that reminds me that "Sometimes you need to put the iron glove over the velvet hand to catch the flying bird." I love it. I know exactly what you mean, Maleen; and I revel that no one else has any idea what we're talking about.

I love you too,

Raging Stallion.


Maleen said...

Great post. I'm glad you were able to revel in your 'being loved' at work.

And remember rule #1. It's always fun to receive a gift. (hint, hint)

Sharona said...

Haha. Hope he delivered Maleen!

¡Vieve! said...

So many things in this sentence that I just don't understand, which means its perfect as a means of communication.