Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cleaning My Desk

I try to write down funny things the kids say. Sometimes I succeed. Often, I don't.

But as I cleaned my desk today, I found a couple that are worth mentioning.

Right after a trip to Idaho, Pearl wanted her pillowcase changed. I think she must have been mixing up words, because she asked very sweetly, while I put it on:

"Is this my pillow suitcase?"


Ivory and I were discussing the color of our skin and I was mentioning yet again how happy I am that most of them got Tyler's coloring.

Me: Ivory, you have such nice skin. (referring to color)

Ivory: I know. Mine is smooth. Yours is a little crinkly. You may be a grandma soon.

Thanks Ives.


meganmushrat said...

Well, now I know how Ivory regards grandmothers! I guess it's better than when Miranda told her grandma that she had a yucky face. Kids!

Sharona said...

The pillowsuitecase one sounds perfectly logical to me! :) You may be a grandma soon - not so nice as I'm several years older than you! (And i don't have any kids to make me a grandma, hehe).

¡Vieve! said...

If the type of skin we have determines when we're a grandma, I'm going to start moisturizing like crazy! I'm already rocking old-lady hands.