Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rozz Turns 8!

I'm back. I wasn't planning a blogging siesta. It just sort of happened. And I wasn't even aware of how long it had been until my mother-in-law called and asked if anything was wrong. (I actually really appreciated the reminder and the fact that she is a faithful reader.)

Not much new and exciting is happening around here. Unless you count an ear infection, Pearl being able to find candy ANYWHERE in the house, or the washing machine breaking. (Actually, that was kind of exciting and might warrant its own post. If it doesn't happen, just know that you should not take your laundry machines for granted, especially if you still have children who could possibly wet the bed.)

Amazingly, I am mostly caught up from last year. There are a few odds and ends to wrap up, so let's do that now. Rozzlyn, my beautiful niece (and only other granddaughter in the family besides mine) had a birthday and turned 8. (You probably could have guessed that from the title.) We were able to go up and participate in her baptism event. (Tyler gave a talk, and I led a song that no one knew, including myself.) Rozzlyn looked radiant.

We were also able to attend her birthday party. She went to an old-school skating rink. You will have to excuse the really blue photos (and that is after editing) but that is the atmosphere you get at a skate place.

Almost everyone took a turn skating. And some people took a few tumbles. (To be fair to June, she didn't fall a lot, this was just the best picture I had of her.)

Our only child to not skate was Pearl. She seemed content to sit at the table and eat pizza and drink soda the entire time.

The great Kolbé donned skates.

And his sweet wife, Kathryn.

And their three boys were pros.

Did I mention that Pearl did mostly this:

Tyler caught this interesting angle of me. I spent some time trying to coax Ivory off the wall.

She didn't stay there the whole time, but she definitely felt most comfortable there.

Robyn was pretty good. She wants a pair of her own skates.

JR was helping anyone he came in contact with and looking pretty suave out there.

Yep, still at it.

Daisy was all over the place. She was pretty good about staying on her feet too.

Oh, Hey Jack!

I can just hear her thoughts, "Hey, where did everyone go? Is there more pizza?"

But there was no shortage of pizza or friends nearby.

Even Grandma and Grandpa took a turn on the rink. (You are welcome Grandma that I didn't post the picture of you laid out on the floor.)

We haven't seen the birthday girl yet. There she is.

Now, I think Pearl may have had one too many.

Tyler managed to wrestle her away from the table for a moment.

Then everyone was back for cake. (Even Pearl.)

I find it funny that the dunce cap doubles as a party hat. Who thought that was a good idea? Perhaps we could try these other versions. Here is The Unicorn.

Or The Germ Shield.

It was good to see Amber. I was amazed at how great she looked considering the life threatening accident she had only months ago after being kicked by a horse. But she was right back in the swing of things. You can't tell, but everyone is making fun of me because with skates on, I match Amber's height. (I know, I am a bit of a shorty.)

It was really fun to see family. Happy Birthday Rozzlyn.

And sorry Pearl. No more pizza and nothing else to see. Time to go home.

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meganmushrat said...

Dad absolutely loved all the pictures that went with this blog - especially those of Pearl. You do seem to have some fun activities. It's good to see Amber looking so well.