Thursday, February 28, 2013

Make New Friends, but Keep the Old

I do feel that throughout my life, I have had great friends. They have and do inspire me to be a better person.  I know that I easily fall into the mode of focusing in on my family to the exclusion of all else. (This is done because children are hard to ignore.) But friends are what get me through the hard times, and talk me through my follies. (Of which there are many.)

Recently I was able to catch up with an old friend and meet some new ones.

First, there is Sarah. I grew up with her and she is A. Maze. Ing. I have to give her credit for a lot of my personality. I am probably as outgoing as I am because of her. We spent many happy days together. Then, of course, we grew up. I moved out to Utah and basically lost contact with most of my previous friends and acquaintances. (This is why we are all glad we can make new friends, because it is hard to keep up when you physically move.) But glorious day, Sarah was coming out to Utah for a friend's wedding and asked if we could meet up somewhere.

It was really great to see her again. She looks just the same. She is married to the nicest guy and their little boy Jack was super sweet. We met out at the City Creek Center. I'm glad she got to meet my troop of ruffians. They were as well behaved as expected, especially if you don't count the uber tantrum Ivory had over a notebook that I wouldn't buy her. (Luckily that was before Sarah arrived.)

And who am I kidding? These five are probably the bestest buds I have. Talk about making new friends. Granted, I had to grow these ones first, but they are turning out pretty well.

Some other friends I have recently met are Sarah and Emily (and company). I told you how I met Sarah at the zoo. And then how I lost the photos I took of us at the park. Well, we had her and her hubby over to play games. They are ultra fun and surprisingly deft at game playing. (It is not often the Cazier's take a loss. Okay, we have our fair share of losing, but we don't like to admit it.) While Sarah was over, she mentioned that her sister Emily would be in town. Emily! THE Emily. My cyber twin. So we arranged a meeting. And I forgot my camera. (Are you even surprised???)

Luckily, Emily had hers, and sent me a picture. See, I am not making them up. Well, I am not making up that I have met them. They are so great.

Sarah shared her home, and free In and Out Burger. (Free because she forgot her money and the cashier let her take the food, telling her to come back and pay later. Wow!!) I got to meet baby Jonah. (The boy I never had.) Both Emily and Sarah are just nifty people. They have fun kids and interesting thoughts and ideas. And I secretly wish I was one of their sisters, because then I would have a better excuse to hang out with them.

Like I said before, If family is the glue of life, then friends are the glitter. Love my friends.


Emma Jo said...

I feel the same about friends. They are indispensable! And I made the blog! I feel like the streams have crossed but not in a bad Ghostbusters sort of way, the good way :)

meganmushrat said...

Not one mention of your mother, who thought she was your oldest friend. Another illusion shattered. Jettisoned for those who are famous. I'm going to go dump cold water on my head . . .

¡Vieve! said...

Making new friends is almost next to impossible for me, so when it happens, it's the most exciting! Good on you for making so many, even if you had to grow some first. :)