Saturday, August 18, 2012

Let's Shed a Tear

Sometimes I do really stupid things. Often they are apparent right away. The kids usually notice, because I say, "Oh crap." (Oddly, no one has picked up on this phrase. I should really stop using it before it sticks to them. Although there are definitely worse things they could say.)

Other times I don't notice my stupidity until later. I can't say that I prefer one over the other. I guess maybe it is better to find out you did something stupid right away and try to fix it than to find out later when delay may have caused more damage.

I'm sure you see where I am going with this. Yes, I did something stupid. I really don't think I did. But all evidence points to the contrary. 

See, last Tuesday, after I made those yummy suckers, I took the kids to a park. Sarah (famous lady from the zoo and blogging) invited us to go the Dinosaur museum. (You know, $2 Tuesdays.) It was FRIGHTFULLY crowded, so I called her and told her we should do something else and she mentioned a splash park nearby. So, although my children were not dressed for water, we went anyway.

The kids got drenched, and enjoyed themselves. I met up with Sarah and took a picture. (Woot!) I got to know all her kids a bit better. (They are pretty cool.) Tim was very patient and chilled while the girls ran wild. It was pretty fun.

We came home and the next day I downloaded my pictures. Or at least, I thought I did. I even remember looking through them and mentally choosing which ones I liked. The girls looked great in their soaking street clothes. In fact, I KNOW I put them on my computer. When I blogged about the suckers, I almost blogged about the splash park. (After all, they were the same day.) But I was busy and I put it off.

Today, I went to pick up where I left off, and the entire folder is empty. There are NO pictures. I checked the recycle bin, I searched my computer, but there is nothing. That only leaves one conclusion. That I never actually took them off the camera and there were deleted when I cleared it.


Seriously, could I be more stupid??

And it is fairly ironic that I still don't have a picture of Sarah. Blat.

I'm not very happy right now.


meganmushrat said...

When I do things like that I end up with a really horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. I hope this hasn't happened to you. Of course, in my case it would be something along the lines of forgetting to take any pictures at all. Honestly, I'm not even sure where my camera is right now. But since I don't blog I guess it doesn't matter as much. Of course, I never clear my camera either - I just stick in another memory card if it gets full. (Hmmm - I don't know where my other memory cards are either).

Scott and Svetlana said...

That is sad that you lost all those pictures, I guess that blogger friend of yours just have to stay unknown for us (your readers), other wise the universe would of made it accessible.
All I can say, it happens, with some more often than with others. Hang in there. :)

Emma Jo said...

One might even think that you are making up this "alleged cool person named Sarah" :)
But I say "Crap!", I really wanted to see you guys together too.
PS I am totally making those suckers since they now come highly recommended by 2 people I know! (that being you and Sarah of course.)

¡Vieve! said...

Oh this makes me sad for you. :( Nothing worse than losing pictures you wanted!