Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Birds, Blog Stalkers, and Blazing Heat

Or you could just call it a trip to the zoo...

After Lagoon, we were fairly exhausted, but Tyler was still off work and Grandma was still visiting. So, we decided to make use of our zoo membership and head there for the morning. But it was a roaster on Friday. To be fair the zoo was nice and they had random devices to beat the heat, like a huge misting fan down at Rocky Shores, and the ever fun sneezing elephant. (June and Ivory got hosed.)

We meandered to see some animals, but I really wanted to make sure we saw the bird show. We always seemed to miss it or the line looked really long, so we had never been. But this time, I watched the clock and we got in line just a short time before they opened the doors. There were some ulterior motives in play. I figured it would be a few minutes that we could sit and it was shaded. Add on the bonus that Tyler let us spring for some Dippin' Dots, it was definitely the best part of the day.

The show was really good too. The birds would fly right over your head and there was a lot to see with some funny jokes. Here is a flock of doves flying around the enclosure.

And there were plenty of hawks.

I was thoroughly enjoying myself and then the coolest thing happened. They ask the usual question...does someone in the audience have five dollars. (I actually thought about getting my money out earlier to be ready, but I hadn't.) A lady off to my left raised her hand and the bird guy asked her to stand. But wait...I knew this lady!! It was Sarah.

And by know, I mean I read her blog because she is hilarious and awesome, but I have never met her in person. I was practically squealing in Tyler's ear. (Actually, if you would like to know my history of blog stalking, I actually found Sarah's sister's blog first and then found that I liked the whole family. They are just cool people.) I certainly liked the rest of the show, but I was a bit distracted thinking how I was going to introduce myself.

Eventually I just walked up to her and said 'Hi' and because she is pretty groovy, she didn't run away screaming or even feign death until I left. (That's for you, Emily.)

It was so great to see all her kids in person, and many of her sisters were there, although not my cyber twin. And what did I do? I totally forgot to take a picture with her. I finally meet a celebrity (in a way) and I don't even take a photo. (I'm worthless. Or typical.) But it was pretty stellar to meet her. I hope that our paths cross again some day, and I will be sure to bring my camera.

After the bird show and some lunch, we headed over to the play area that we missed on our last visit. We didn't play long because...did I mention the heat? Ugh. Hot.

Pearl was digging the slide.

Ivory was all over the place.

The older girls were experimenting with static electricity.

I was sitting with Grandma and plotting a trip to the Shakespeare Festival. (Fingers crossed people.)

Here I am working the stroller. Nothing says 'hot' like a sweaty mom in her thirties pushing a stroller. Yowza!

Grandma mentioned something about getting a picture with all the kids in the spider web. Looking back at the pictures Tyler took, I don't think they ever got the one they wanted, especially since these are the best of the batch.

And then it was time to go home. It is nice that I don't feel the need to go to every corner of the zoo since we can come back whenever we want. Perhaps on a cooler day...

p.s. As of Friday, it was seven weeks down and four to go.  


Emma Jo said...

I love the zoo and I just LOVE that you met my sisters (and no one pretended to die) :)

meganmushrat said...

I wish I had taken you and Miranda to more zoos when you were growing up. Going to zoos was a big family tradition when I was growing up, and I feel that you guys got a bit cheated. Of course, we didn't travel nearly as much, so we didn't have as many zoos available to us. Funny - I have a zoo membership to the Point Defiance Zoo but I never go. Me bad.

¡Vieve! said...

How fun! I was actually just thinking the other day that I wanted to go to the zoo...we seem to be so like-minded in activities lately...

Scott and Svetlana said...

Hey Hot-mama on a hot day in a zoo :) Loved pictures. I didn't even know that zoo can do bird show. :( Is it only in Utah zoo? I'm hoping to get my kids to the zoo this summer as well, but like you said it is hot (even though we live in CO, it is till hot hot hot this summer).
Did I say we have a red-tailed hawks around here and they other day I saw one just behind our back yard (which is pretty usual) with a good size snake in its feet (this is I've never seen before)... Creepy!
Anyway, love you summer-bananza :)