Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Family is the best. You can rely on them and they have to take you with all your crap in tow. (And yes...I know not all families fit this bill, but you know what I mean.)

Friends on the other hand...they take your crap too, but it is because they have decided to, not because they have to. I have been blessed with some amazing friends in my life. They come and go, and most recently, I am surrounded by astounding women who are strong examples to me. I kinda never want to move because it may mean leaving some of them.

But sometimes they move instead. Because life keeps going. And jobs change. And houses become too small. Or because it is their time to find a new adventure.

And the great thing is...you are still friends. Just farther apart.

Here is Susan. She moved last month. I miss her a LOT.

And I'm not the only one.

But then here is Jamee. She moved quite a while ago, but came back to visit last month.

Happy reunions.

It is all so bittersweet. But just to know someone special makes me stand a little taller. Sometimes it helps me get through a hard day, or yell less at my children. Friends inspire me to try new things, stretch beyond my limits, and see things in a whole new light.

If family is the glue of life, then friends are the glitter. 


CarrieLu and Madi too said...

"friends are the glitter", I like that. :) You all look great!

Beth said...

Friends totally are the glitter! I like to think of them as the "be-dazzeled" part of life! :)

Deanne said...


¡Vieve! said...

Aw, friends, how awesome! I love when old friends that have moved come back to visit.