Monday, August 4, 2014

Oh the Lessons of Swimming

Usually we do swim lessons earlier in the season. It makes sense to have them relearn and rehearse what swim strokes they know BEFORE they get in the water a lot. But the earlier sessions didn't work in with our vacation schedule. And in the end, I really enjoyed having this time in July to chill by the pool and watch the kids.

Yep, we have finally reached the age where EVERYONE is in swim lessons. Last year I did the 'mom and me' class with Pearl and naturally I got no pictures because I was in the water every day. This year, I relaxed on the sidelines and set aside one day to take pictures. (And it wasn't the last day because I already know how that works from previous years.)

The girls are doing very well. June and Robyn were in the same level. It was nice for them to go to their designated area of the pool each day together. They are both swimming. It still isn't the prettiest thing to watch, but I am so proud of them both. I'm not sure how well they are doing on treading water. I watched June the other day and timed her for 30 seconds. It looked a little frantic out there, but she seemed to pass everything she needed to in class.

Their teacher was super sweet. She gave them the "Cutest Sisters Award" and wrote really nice comments on the back. I was especially proud of the comment she gave June. It said, "Very good swimmer. Next level here we come! June is very eager and obedient and kind to her sister. She's awesome!" (I love that is said she was kind to her sister. Those kind of things make my heart happy.)

Ivory was loving all her time in the water. She is getting better at swimming all the time. I think she still sinks like a brick when she isn't actively swimming in one direction, but that may be because she is all muscle. (Although I think her floats are pretty good.)

Daisy made the most improvement as far as I can tell. Last year, in Level 1, she wasn't even putting her face in the water. This year, she was brave enough to go under often and she was even floating by herself. Her teacher was fantastic.

And was something else. The first day she had fun, until the end, when the instructor asked her to put her face in the water. She came out crying.

The second day, she cried the entire time. I wasn't sure it was her at first, but even when I figured it out, I didn't want to go get her and have her think she could get out of swim lessons. (Kudos to her very patient teaher.)

Third day, there was a bit of threatening used to get her in the water. It worked and she had a good time. Each day, she would explain very nicely that she didn't like swim lessons. But she would go out and seemingly have a good time. I love her pigtails this day.

She was a champ. At the end, she was even dipping her chin in the water. That is leaps away from crying for half an hour. I will take it.

Love all my little ducks, no matter how well they swim.

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meganmushrat said...

I didn't like swim lessons myself - in fact I cheated on them. When we were supposed to be swimming across the shallow end of the pool, I was walking and pretending to flail my arms like I was swimming. How wonderful that your kids are doing better!