Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week Eleven, Summer's Last Heaven

The last week of summer came without ribbons, it came without tags. It came without packages, boxes, or bags. (Wait, wrong season.) In fact, our last week came with plenty of wrapping and fuss because Fête Day was that week, but we all know that Fête Day needs its own post. Plus, that wasn't until the end of the week. Plenty of adventure happened before then.

Let's go back to the beginning of the week.

MONDAY: Neilsen's were still in town. We had a great evening grilling and playing 4-Square. (Four-Sqaure is the new favorite around here. We realized that the sport court out back has four-square lines and we got an official ball and we love it. We make up our own rules like Bombs and Corner Bombs. I like Double-Tap and Dad likes playing Vanilla, although he added a weird Dodge-ball rule recently. Eric created the Mighty King, and June likes making everyone start in their corners. It is loads of fun.

TUESDAY: Ivory got to go to a swim party with her activity day group the week before, but they had a chance to go again. (Super spoiled to get two swim parties.) They were short a leader, so they invited me to come, and I brought the whole gang. The girls had so much fun swimming. I had mostly a lot of fun. There were several squirt guns and I told the kids that the rule was that you could only squirt someone who wanted to be squirted. So, can you guess who they squirted the whole time?? Me. There were times I couldn't get a word in edgewise because so much water was drowning my face. The pool was a residential pool and it had some cool features I hadn't seen. I really liked the small ledge that went around the deep end. There are always kids clinging to the sides of the deep end, but with the ledge, they could stand and play there.

WEDNESDAY: The day started busy with June off to do DRA testing. I got the harder job taking Robyn in for three teeth to be extracted. I was nervous because we went to Half Price Dental Clinic for the first time. I was nervous because when you save money, it seems they might be skimping in other places, and you sure don't want incompetent people working on your teeth. I was telling a friend that I was nervous for Robyn because I know how painful the anesthetic shots can be. She was saying, "Don't worry, they numb the gums beforehand. She will be fine."

I'm thinking about this conversation as Robyn sat in the chair. Then in comes the doctor, talks to her for about 1.2 minutes and then says, "Let's get this thing going," and he opens her mouth and starts administering shots. NO NUMBING GEL WHATSOEVER. (Guess we know where they skimp now.) Supposedly they are attached to a dental college, so they get their supplies for a huge discount from the college, but I am aghast that they can't spring for numbing least for the kids.

Robyn was a super champ though and even her ankylose teeth that were fused to the bone came out easily. So far I would recommend Half Price Dental, but only with a warning that they give shots first and ask questions later. Here is Robyn with her three teeth ready for the tooth fairy. Her smile is not quite back in place yet.

THURSDAY: I can't remember what we did during the day on Thursday, but in the evening we went to a Mother/Daughter activity in the canyon. (That means me and FIVE girls. Tyler spent his evening getting us a new camera.) It was a beautiful night and almost a bit chilly with occasional bursts of rain. Ivory jumped right in doing what Ivory does best.

Dinner was potluck style and everyone found something they liked.

There was a pinata and everyone but Daisy took a swing at it. (Daisy does not like blindfolds.)

There were a lot of hula hoops for the kids to play with. I put all my kids in one and took a picture.

And because it was a Mother/Daughter activity, they had someone taking pictures of the mothers and daughters. I have to say, I am pretty proud of my bunch and I love spending time with them.

FRIDAY: The week was quickly sinking into the horizon. The Hulse's invited us to the park and to go swimming and I figured it was a great way to spend the end of the week. (Another day without pictures. Sometimes I just gotta have fun without documenting, although that almost always leads to regrets of not bothering to take a few shots.) We stayed out long enough that I got another sunburn. (What does that make? Like four or five this summer? I even put on three coats of sunscreen. Nailed it.)

We came home and made it just moments before Grandma Cazier showed up. She came to take Daisy out for her birthday. (Yes, Daisy's birthday was a while ago, but G'ma Cazier is so busy, we were happy she found a day to come visit.) They had a blast shopping together. There is something special about one on one time.

But you'd better believe once she came back everyone pounced on her. They wanted to show off their baby book. (Big surprise.)

SATURDAY: Also know as Fête Day!!!! I already told you it gets its own post. The color was gray. Very cheery. But it was one of the best yet.

p.s. Not sure what day this happened on, but June made another pretzel alphabet. They take a lot of work, so I feel the need to preserve them in a picture. We have a smaller version here.

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