Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fete Day - Eeyore Style

Fete Day has a long and glorious history. We began the holiday back in 2005 and we have been going strong ever since. (Unless you count 2009.) Wow, next year will be our ten year anniversary. Crazy. We have been through every color of the rainbow, and some that aren't in the rainbow. But we hadn't done grey. Grey was going to be in 2009. (That was how I was feeling that summer.) I'm actually glad we saved it for another year because although we all looked kind of depressed, we had a roarin' good time.

We were getting everything ready pre-party and Tyler tried something new in the water. You have heard of lemon water, and maybe cucumber or strawberry water, but have you seen peach water?? It didn't actually taste that peachy.

Our guests started arriving and we were one couple short. They were busy making the coolest shirts ever. Check these out. (Drew and Jessica - You rock!) We have had some creative apparel, but no one has ever made a Fete Day shirt before.

Our activity this year was a bunch of fun group party games. We started off with the popcorn toss. Everyone was matched up with a random partner and they had a minute to throw popcorn into their partner's mouth. I think Drew/Ivory tied with Me/Daisy for 6 pieces when time was called. We asked if anyone got higher and one team got 25!! WHAT?!? After watching them, we had a pretty good idea how they managed it. Check out the long arm reach in the back there.

We had some pretty competitive teams. Look at Matt going for that popcorn. I'm not sure if he caught it but I like to think he did.

Lynn is golden with that catch. I don't think she could miss.

Then we came inside and divided into two large teams to play spoons. We didn't get any pictures until the end when Robyn and I faced off from our respective teams. (I won. It is possible that I am a bit competitive too.)

We played a game called Electricity as well with hand squeezing and a coin that looked like both sides were heads. (Stupid buffalo.)

Then we played a game called Three Deep. Each person is given a slip of paper with a word on it and a letter (B for bottom, M for middle, or T for top). When the signal is given everyone mingles and tries to find two other people with words in a similar theme. (For instance, if you have Snow White, you may be looking for Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.) Here is everyone ready to go.

The mingling portion tends to get really loud. Everyone is yelling trying to be heard above the din. It is a miracle anyone finds their team.

When three people find each other (assuming they match up), they must quickly sit down. Here is where the letter comes into play. If they have a B, they sit on the bottom, M in the middle, and T on top until they are sitting 'Three Deep.' Like Matt and Lynn who are squishing Abby on the couch over there.

The last team to sit down is out, and you play again, eliminating a team each time until only three people are standing, or I guess, sitting. Here you see three lonely kids who didn't quite match up and sit down in time.

It was riotously fun. Daisy was not a fan. I think she didn't like the loud noise, because I found her like this later.

After Three Deep, we sat down to exchange gifts. Oh, but I pulled out the cake to soften just a tad before consumption. This year our ice cream cake was different. It had layers of fudge, graham cracker, and ice cream, but no actual cake. It was a Martha Stewart recipe, and a little tricky to put together.

The gift exchange was really fun. When is it not fun to receive a gift? But it is interesting to see what people come up with when confined to a certain color.

Then we devoured the cake. (One of my favorites so far.) It sliced into exactly the right amount of pieces, so there wasn't a bite left.

Although that didn't stop June from licking the last drops.

And although we weren't that colorful, it was a great group. Smile, like you mean it.

Okay, now be silly.

We should have made an Eeyore face, but I didn't think of it. Happy Fete Day everyone!

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meganmushrat said...

If you don't have any colors left, what are you going to do next year?