Sunday, September 21, 2014

Daisy's 6 Year Gallery

Out of all the kids, it seems that Daisy's birthday pictures sometimes slide back a month or two. Maybe it is because the summer is busy and things get put off. There are a dozen possible reasons, but I'm almost positive this year it was because of the broken camera. It is pretty hard to take pictures without a camera. And even after I got another camera, I still wasn't as comfortable using it. Then school started, yada, yada, yada.

You get the picture. There is always something going on. But without further ado, I give you Daisy's six year (and two months) pictures. She is such a delight in our family. I adore my little 'Cakes.'

Love that smile. She can brighten the room.

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meganmushrat said...

She is a joy and a delight - and Miranda absolutely loved doing things with her when you were here. I think it very appropriate that her fairy's name is "Sunshine".