Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Saturday Chores

The kids are getting older, and whereas I wouldn't say they are a well-oiled machine yet, they are running on at least three solid cylinders. They mostly do their weekly chores, and on the weekend (when I bust out the extra chores) they put their nose to the grindstone and get things done. (I realize I may be painting this in slightly rosier colors than actuality. There is some whining and plenty of reminding on my part to keep the train chugging along.)

Tyler even allows me to assign him some chores. There is his standard chore: The lawn. It does not fall under my jurisdiction. He is pretty great at breathing in all the toxic fumes and allergens. It seems that other family members are also not as affected.

Pearl seems to think a fresh mowed lawn is like new carpet. 

I can't even imagine getting my nose that close to the grass. 

The kids are even getting to the point that they can get things done with minimal supervision. For instance, last Saturday, I may have gone off to the Farmer's Market in SLC. It was so fun. I highly recommend checking it out if you live within a reasonable distance. I think it is open every Saturday morning from 8-1pm, June through October. There are tons of samples. I sampled peaches, watermelon, popcorn, almonds, olive oil, brazilian bread, goat cheese, apple cider, and plenty more that I can't remember. Everything was so fresh and amazing. Peaches were the hot item. I think I sampled at least six different types of peaches. (All delicious I might add.) Oh, I took a picture of the almonds. Why? Not really sure. They were just really good.

Also, on the other side of the market, there was a whole arts and craft fair going on. Lots of art and jewelry. Saw this cute glass turtle. Possibility for a birthday coming up.

The only other picture I took was of this awesome owl.

His name is Pumpkin and right after I took the picture, the guy said something about donating if you take a picture. Oops. I didn't donate, but maybe he meant if I took a picture WITH the owl. I think that is what he said and I'm not in that picture....well, whatever, I seem to be sleeping okay at night. 

It was a great morning, with raspberries for everyone when I got home. After all, I had to reward them for doing their chores.

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meganmushrat said...

It's amazing how few chores my kids here have, and how often I have to do the dishes myself. Can't blame Miranda (she feels so crummy most of the time), and Tim is in such a poisonous mood that I hesitate to reprimand him. Trade?