Saturday, September 20, 2014

Why AARRRRRR We Standing in This Line??

For any of you ignorant of the extremely random holidays, Talk Like A Pirate Day was on Friday. Trust me, I was completely happy to let this holiday slide with no notice whatsoever, but then Hannah mentioned in carpool that we should all dress up and stop by to get donuts for snack after school. (Krispy Kreme gives a free dozen to anyone dressed with three pirate accessories. No joke.)

My first instinct was still to say NO because I was still sick. (Had been since Tuesday night) but there is only ONE Talk Like A Pirate Day and I am a huge sucker for making carpool kids happy. June was excited and she got out all the pirate stuff and dressed up everyone who would be in the car after school, namely me and Pearl. Here are my darling fierce pirates ready for the day.

Sick me, actually bothered to get ready for the day. You can't even tell that I was hacking up a lung half the day.

We picked up pirates at school and made our way to the Krispy Kreme. Let's see if I can keep count of the chaos.

Dropped off three kids to wait in humongous line. (Dozen Box Count: 3)

Picked up three kids (not in pirate attire) at home and went with everyone to wait in line. (Dozen Box Count: 4)

Had to leave to take Ivory to gymnastics, but I took off all my pirate paraphernalia and dressed Robyn as I left. (Dozen Box Count: 4)

Hannah's mom called me and said she just got in line. I warned her that we had already been waiting 45 minutes and had a fair bit to go. (Said guiltily since I wasn't even in line at the time.) She asked if she could leave her pirate children with the kids in line. Sure, the more the merrier. (Dozen Box Count: 6)

I raced frantically back to the donut shop. In the meantime, June was rearranging extra accessories to upgrade Daisy to pirate status. (Dozen Box Count: 7)

Hannah's mom met me in the parking lot by chance and gave me her pirate clothing and I raced inside and joined the kids just as they reached the front (1 hour and 30 minutes later). (Dozen Box Count: 8)

In all, Cazier's left with 5 dozen boxes and Keen's with 3 dozen. We happily shared with our neighbors and all ate about three apiece. I'm still not sure if it was worth it. But the pirates seemed to be happy with their booty.

p.s. It was so HOT while we waited outside for the first 45 minutes. I could feel sweat trickling down my back. Unpleasant.

p.p.s. This picture was taken before Robyn and Daisy were piratified.

p.p.p.s. Although the experience was a bit long, we did meet some nice people in front and behind us in line. I saved one lady's place while she moved her car so it wouldn't be towed and she was extra nice to keep an eye on my gang while I traipsed all over town. It is the least a bunch of pirates can do for each other. Arrrr.

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meganmushrat said...

This must be a Utah thing as I don't think I've ever heard about it here. Just as well - the last thing this family needs is tons of free doughnuts!