Sunday, September 14, 2014

When I Was a Kid, We Blamed the Snootchie-Bootchie

Do things disappear in your house? And I'm not counting socks, because they have their own personal black hole. Random things seem to go missing in my domain. I am torn between three possibilities for why this happens.


1) I may accidentally put an object somewhere sneaky, thinking that I would never forget where it is, when in fact, that is probably the stupidest thing I could do with my memory issues.

2) There are indeed sinister forces at work, including but not limited to leprechauns, aliens, chupacapra, or pixies.

3) Kids. Need I say more?

I would gladly blame the kids every time, but I am sadly aware of my tendency to put things down in odd places. And of course, Tyler is a wild card, because he also hides things from the kids and that sometimes translates into hiding them from me.

Here is a recent example: Our camera charger went missing. This is not an object that is needed frequently, but when you need it, there isn't really a substitute. I called Tyler since I think he was the last one to charge the battery. I checked all the usual spots. I even checked where it should be. (Nothing is as funny as never checking where it should be because you figure you wouldn't have put it back.) It wasn't anywhere.

I figured it would show up eventually. It didn't.

Finally, we bought another battery and charger; giving in to the inevitable.

Which means that we found it just a few days later. Naturally.

Tyler was getting the griddle out, which resides under the oven. We use the griddle all the time, but there are a couple things underneath that are rarely pulled out. (I think a roasting pan and maybe a pizza stone.) He stopped for a minute and then pulled out the camera charger. Ha ha. One of the kids must have thought it was plug for the griddle. I don't think they look that similar, but I am not a kid.

It is not looking good for the kids. Number three for reasons things go missing just got bumped up on my list. I'm not ruling out the others though...

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meganmushrat said...

The Snootchie-Bootchie is still alive and well in our household. Perhaps you should blame Seamus the Leprechaun.