Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Bird Feeder

I really need to get my hummingbird feeder fixed, because those are the best birds to watch, but in the interim, Pearl and Dad picked up a bell seed bird feeder at the store and brought it home.

At first, the birds didn't know where it was or couldn't be bothered with it. Then they seemed to figure it out and it slowly disappeared. I finally took pictures when they had worked their way through most of the top.

One little bird in particular liked to fly from the feeder to the edge of the window, almost as if he wanted to come inside. I should have named him. He came back often.

Then one day, the feeder looked like this.

Oops. I texted Tyler feeling very much like a Dr. Seuss book: Bell fell.

We might get another one. The kids loved seeing the birds out there. Or maybe I will actually fix the hummingbird feeder. Of course, we are kind of going into the wrong season for hummingbirds.

1 comment:

meganmushrat said...

Absurd bird,
Your greed for seed
On which to feed
Must wait...
For Fate
Does now dictate
The bell fell