Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week Ten, Checking in Again

I won't lie...school has only been going a week and I am exhausted. People think I sent four kids back to school, but in reality, I have signed myself up for four different grades. The catch is that I don't attend class, but I am still responsible for all the homework. No, I don't DO the homework. But I have to know the intricate details of each class and when each assignment is due. It would be nice to trust the kids to get everything in on time, but that isn't realistic for the younger ones, and the older ones have planners that I have to check off each evening regardless. Today I supervised and checked one class job application, corrected one math assignment, checked a homework sheet, practiced spelling words and raced the clock, read beginner level books, edited one essay, and helped take pictures for an upcoming assignment. And that is TUESDAY folks. No wonder I fell asleep while Tyler was talking to me yesterday. I'm beginning to think Education Week was the easy week.

But before I start lamenting school (which I really do love) I need to finish up the summer. Egads, I must get this off my plate. Week ten was great...not that I can remember that far back. We painted rocks. (Actually, I lie. We painted those earlier, but I can't remember which week.) It has taken me weeks and weeks to take pictures of the rocks. By now they have all stuck to each other and have had paint peel off in odd places. Take pity on them. They were once just right.

The ones on top I painted. I call them my 'Granny Girls.' I do not think one of the kids is plump....that is just the rock I had.

Ivory painted the cute minion. Here you can see some of June's designs with the swirls, and Robyn's have holiday designs.

The ones on the left here are mostly the littles' rocks. They loved painting. I think they would be happy to paint every day.

The real activity that took up all of week ten was scrapbooking. I got the supplies out on Tuesday and we then proceeded to scrapbook for the next four days straight. The older kids LOVED it. I have baby books for each girl, but I have only done the first year of baby pictures. All the other birthday pictures were stacking up. Each girl took their stack and went to town. They did every picture I had. Every. One. They are so proud of their books. If you came over and asked to see their baby books, they would be so excited to show you. I meant to take pictures of each girl holding up their favorite page, but I never got that far. But I did get a couple during the mad scrapping days.

The weekend came and we went to the temple.

Then the Neilsen's came to visit. Remember how we saw them recently? Well, it was our turn to host. They had a crazy schedule visiting both sides of their family, but they were so nice to spend a day with us. We had them over on Sunday and invited friends to visit all evening. It was SO nice to chat with everyone. Camille is one of my favorite people of all time. We stayed up late and gabbed. Love her.

The next day we played some more, but the time was gone too quickly. (Eric, we will forever remember the 'Mighty King' in 4-square.) We sure love the Neilsen's and we hope we see them again soon. Sending happy thoughts and kisses on the breeze all the way to Seattle.

One more week of summer to document, and it may be the busiest yet. They say you have to cram it all in at the end and we sure did. Stay tuned...

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meganmushrat said...

My Jenny Craig consultant scrapbooks big time - in fact she has a whole room in her house dedicated to it. It is something I have never gotten into, but I sure do have a lot of pictures. Maybe I should borrow a couple of your girls to help me out.