Thursday, January 31, 2013

Odds And Ends

Good morning. The sun is shining and I should  be making lunch. So naturally, I am on the computer. (Don't worry, I just fed my kids some rice krispy treats, so they won't feel the hunger for another hour. You may shower me with compliments on my mothering abilities whenever you like.)

I have many pictures that don't really need a whole post of their own, so here is some of what has been happening around here.

June dressed up some of her sisters as 'China girls' the other day. I think she used kabob sticks for their hair.

Here is Pearl sporting my running shoes.

Have I mentioned that nothing in my room is sacred? I find my belongings all over the house. Usually I don't mind unless I need something right away and it is nowhere to be found.

June decorated another sister, but using a less friendly medium. For the record, stickers hurt when they come off the sensitive area near the eye.

But Pearl was pretty cute. Other funny things to note. She puts her own headbands on and never wears them right. And her 'Wild Child' shirt is on inside out.

Oddly, you would think June would know better since she came home from a birthday party like this.

June said the girls made duct tape pencils, but she decided to do something different with her tape. Awesome.

Hmmm....maybe this should have been a post about June. While she was snacking on snap pretzels the other day, she made the alphabet. She has done this before, but I am always impressed. I think she only couldn't make 'K' and 'S.'

I love it when I find random pictures that I didn't take. Apparently, one night when I was gone, the girls had a fashion hair dressing party. Of course, the only model was Tyler. But doesn't he look great?

Here are the culprits hair dressers.

I got my carpets cleaned this week. They really needed to be done, but nothing inspires me quite as much as a child (who shall remain nameless) stepping in dog poop and tracking it all over the house. I looked at the dozens of footprints through the living room and up the stairs and thought about crying, but figured calling the cleaners was a better use of my time. And don't worry, unnamed child was nice enough to donate some allowance to the cause. Everyone helped move furniture and it is at these times I realize we have too much stuff. I feel a Spring Purge coming on.

Took this picture of icicles a while back, but I love icicles and this winter has been great for them.

Also, after a hefty snowfall yesterday and the day before, guess who made a snowman??

If you guessed me, you would be wrong. Come on, haven't you seen my handiwork? Here and here? Nope, that amazing snowman was built by my neighbors, but I loaned them spray paint, so I would like to say I had a hand in it. It's a long shot, but it may be the best I can do.

Okay, got to wrap it up. I think I hear a turkey sandwich calling my name, or was that a Snickers?


meganmushrat said...

When I showed Tim the picture of the 'fashionable' Tyler, he laughed and said that you are a fun family. He is absolutely right. At least you never are bored - right?

¡Vieve! said...

Those are some crazy girls of yours! Even though I have no nameless child tracking things all over my house, I do want to get my carpets cleaned...this may have been an inspiration to me.