Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Had a Birthday Too

Technically yours truly had a birthday before the Stallion, but Tyler had his mind planning other events (which were fantastic and will be blogged about soon) so he didn't do much for my birthday. Not that I didn't  have a great day.

I was wished many birthdays of happiness, and of course the kids made sure that Dad got me something. They get almost more excited than the parents around here. (Well, of course they do. They aren't the ones getting wrinkles and white hair.) Here is Daisy leading me down to my presents.

Although I didn't have many, there was a throne made for me. What girl wouldn't feel special?

I think Pearl is singing Happy Birthday to me here.

I loved my gifts. Tyler got me a VERY LARGE die. (Have I blogged about my dice fetish yet?) And then he got me some clocks. I love me some clocks too.

Tyler thought he was funny because he got me a Salvador Dali style clock, but he said it was very fitting, because I am the queen of melting things.

In fact, he knew just the spot to put it.

I haven't documented all the things I've melted on the stove because there are too many, but here is a good example.

The girls were exceedingly sad that there was no birthday cake, but I have become more adamant in recent years that I don't want to make my own cake. (No fear, the girls are just a couple years out from experimenting. I see some really interesting birthday cakes in my future.) But they couldn't get over the fact that I wouldn't get a birthday wish. So, I improvised.

And they sang to me again and I blew out my candle match and made my wish.

Oh, and please notice how nice my nails look in that last picture. I haven't bitten them since last year. So far so good on those resolutions.

After kids were in bed, some great friends took me out for dessert. I felt so spoiled and loved. Thank you Kari, Camille, and McKenzie. (And Jenaca and Deanne would couldn't make it.) Hopefully I will get a picture of that night soon. McKenzie had someone take a picture with her phone. The young lady taking the picture was so funny. She said, "How old are you?" I hesitated just the slightest and then said, "Thirty-four." She said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were in your twenties or I wouldn't have asked." But there is nothing to be ashamed of. Thirty-four down, hopefully plenty more to go.

Here it is. Thanks McKenzie for sending me the pic.

Happy Birthday to me!!


meganmushrat said...

I have to agree that you do look younger than 34. That's something else you probably inherited from me. With his prematurely gray hair, NOBODY thought Dad was younger than he actually was, but in my early days people often thought I was several years younger than I was. Probably not any more, though . . .

Emma Jo said...

Yeah! Happy late birthday. I love the picture of you with your arms out and if you are receiving your public. Birthdays as a Mom are turning into something unexpectedly special as the kids get older and I'm king of loving it. Rock on 34!

¡Vieve! said...

Happy birthday, and what a fun day! I love that melty clock, it is such a hoot.