Monday, January 21, 2013

Laser Tag, Baby

It's that time again! Both Maleen and I celebrated our birthday this last week. And as the dutiful readers of this fine publication already know, we celebrate with sheer, violent, all-American, brutal gladiatorial combat. (Of course, we prefer to keep our friends alive, so we just shoot them with lasers.)

Before we entered the arena, we had a brief discussion of rules (and whatnot) and there statements were made indicating that everything from second place down was up for grabs: Maleen's already got the number one slot wrapped up. So, did she deliver?

Here are the results:
Player Rank Kills Deaths K/D
Maleen "Ms. January" Cazier (#24) 2 62 31 2.00
Tyler "Raging Stallion" Cazier (#28) 3 52 29 1.79
Ron (#23) 5 41 33 1.24
Matt McEwen (#31) 6 41 35 1.17
Jared Uffenorder (#19) 7 35 13 2.69
Player Rank Kills Deaths K/D
Caleb Iverson (#06) 4 42 31 1.35
Tyler Iverson (#04) 8 35 35 1.00
Dan (#13) 10 30 50 0.60
Matt Hillery (#03) 12 17 19 0.89
Jeff Foster (#09) or Brett 14 7 17 0.41
William (#10) 15 13 49 0.27
Brett (#05) or Jeff Foster 16 3 19 0.16
Arthur (#16) 17 4 20 0.20
As it turns out Maleen wasn't #1. Well, that's because they dumped a few other players in there with us, which is also the reason we appear to have so few red players in relation to the green players. There's someone who's "training for a laser tag event," who was dumped in on our team. His score was impressive, but we don't count him because he's L33T.

That said, in our group the number one slot went to "Ms. January," who was kind enough to hand our butts to us.

Luckily, I'm married to her. If we're ever involved in repelling a violent attack, I'm handing my gun to her—I stand the best chance of survival if she's wielding the gun. This year I wasn't far off though...I came in 2nd in our group. Normally this would be the "First Loser" slot, but if we're up against Maleen, that's ok.

Thanks to all who participated this year. It was great to see some faces we've missed recently, like Hillery and the Rhino.

Here are the score cards, sorted only by team:

Just for your enjoyment, Maleen was reviewing these scorecards and said, "I never actually saw Brett." Then I rummaged through the scorecards to find hers and noted that she had killed Brett. She complained of a temperamental gun, this trip too, so I imagine Ms. January wildly clicking her laser trigger and on the other side of the arena Brett lights up and he goes, "Where'd that come from?"

Previous carnage that made the blog: 2012, 20092008. (Just for the record, we've been playing since 2007. Maleen won ALL of these except one...because the gun was faulty.)


meganmushrat said...

If I ever played I'd have to huddle in the corner in a wheelchair with a big shield in front of me (is that allowed?) and peek out occasionally to wildly fire at anything moving. I'll love to see what the scores are like when the girls are old enough to play!

¡Vieve! said...

Hey, I remember the old days when I played with you guys. Good to see you're still doing good with the ol' laser hunts. (Yes, hunts.)