Friday, January 20, 2012

Laser Tag

For my birthday, we usually go play some laser tag. We play exactly once per year--so as to be comparable to last year. Several folks from work came out to see who is the best with a plastic mesh vest with a box and sensors hanging off it--oh yeah, and of course the laser gun.

Players included (in alphabetical order and team color):
  • Arthur (player 33)
  • Brandon Burrup (player 13)
  • Brett (player 27)
  • Caleb (player 18)
  • Dan (player 1)
  • Dorel (player 4)
  • Langi (player 10)
  • Maleen (player 28)
  • Ron (player 34)
  • Troy (player 30)
  • Tyler (player 11)
Technically, red beat green. But the most-important ordering was the rank of each player—much more interesting anyway. Here's how it shook out during the shoot out: 

For my part, I've learned that should anyone break into my house, I should hand my guns to Maleen—she's got a statistically better chance of killing the bad guys. 


Maleen said...

I think we are safe with you manning the guns and ammunition around here...unless it is Langi coming to get us. Then I think I could take him. Maybe.

meganmushrat said...

So, did Maleen do her hide-and-wait-for-people-to-pass-by technique again? I did notice that her accuracy wasn't as good as some of the other players, so she must have a happy trigger-finger. Actually, Miranda mentioned that on the Disneyland rides where you have to shoot things, Maleen does very well. I guess her aim IS pretty good. At least her cupid's arrow hit Tyler's heart pretty accurately!

¡Vieve! said...

Ah, laser tag. No matter how hard I try, I am never good at that game.