Wednesday, January 16, 2013


My birthday was yesterday.....

Thanks. I did have a lovely birthday. Nothing too fancy. But I'm not here to talk about that. I haven't even downloaded the pictures yet. Instead, I'm trying to do some more catch up. It's like a birthday gift to myself to finally get caught up on my blog.

In December, I signed up to help out with June's school Christmas party. It almost didn't happen because she got really sick and missed three days of school before break. However, she was feeling just well enough (and had been on antibiotics long enough) that we decided to attend her party since it was the last thing before school got out.

My job was to have the kids decorate paper bags that would later be used to store candy from a pinata. Not too exciting, but easy enough. I figured we could still learn something and have fun, so I googled the real way to fold snowflakes (yet again, because I keep forgetting) and I brought scissors and tape and we went to town.

Thinking about it in advance, I wasn't sure I could attend, since June was sick. And even if I left instructions, it would have been difficult for the kids to figure out, so I made a TON, just in case. I sat with June and we folded and folded and cut a little. There are some tails that need to be snipped off the end. Well, the tails piled up and they reminded us of little paper airplanes.

We had just recently gone to see Wreck It Ralph, and there was a Disney short before the movie. I don't even recall the name of it, but it was super cute and featured paper airplanes. Maybe some of you have seen it. One airplane had a lipstick mark on it. As June and I talked about how our pile was looking more and more like the hoard of paper airplanes, she took one out and gave it a smooch mark.

And then she lined up a couple. See if you can see the mini kiss mark.

It was just a special little moment with one of my daughters. And as you know, we attended the party and taught the kids how to fold their own snowflakes, so we didn't need the mass we made, although it was nice to have extras for the kids. But you never know when you will find a certain moment that strikes your fancy...


meganmushrat said...

One on one time with a parent is one of the memories that you cherish for the rest of your life. I can remember traveling in the car with Grampaul and the two of us humming a particular tune together. It was special just for us. Creating memories like this is pure gold.

Scott and Svetlana said...

I love snowflakes, I remember when I was a kid it was always fun to make them... What a fun quality time for you and your daughter.