Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Scramble

I took a breather there, and that is always good for the soul. The bad news, is that life doesn't stop, and I am suddenly faced with a list of blog posts that boggles the mind. And I have no one to blame but myself. So, now that I have buttered my bread, it is time to lie down. (That goes back quite a ways to a quote attributed to my Uncle. He said, "You buttered your bread, now lie in it." I think the original quote may have something to do with making your bed, but my mind only holds the incorrect (and funnier, in my opinion) version.)

And so there is going to be quite a scramble here as I try to catch up and stay abreast of the present. Sadly, we will have to revisit 2012 quite often because I didn't wrap up anything, but that is okay. (I keep telling myself this, because I really don't feel it is okay. That is the perfectionist in me talking.) 

There is no good way to get going here. I have such a random list that needs to be covered. So, let's start with mommy/daughter dates. That was one of my good intentions for 2012. (Don't worry, good intentions will get their own post...sometime.) I didn't bring a camera on any date so far, but I have been having a lot of fun with my children. Back in September I took Robyn out to Color Me Mine. I hadn't posted these pictures because I gave the bowl to my Dad for Christmas. Robyn made a very cute turtle.

I love the detail on his shell.

I sat for a while and suddenly came up with this creation. (Living proof that my Dargan genes still run strong.)

He looks good from all angles.

I have a growing collection of hand painted pottery around here. I have blogged about some of them. But most of them have slipped under the radar. (Or at least I can't find them on the blog.) Just trust me that I have been almost a dozen times.

Daisy I took to The Bead Fairy. I have seen this store on the corner for years, but somehow I have never ventured inside, even when told how awesome it is. So, it was time to change that. And especially since June has been making bracelets and then charging her sisters for them. I told Daisy to not give up her allowance and I would get her a real bracelet. (Granted, June's bracelets are cute, but the thread used to make them does not hold up to child violence.)

Daisy was in heaven. We went through and she grabbed all the beads that looked good to here. Naturally, none of them matched. So we added a few more and came up with three really cute bracelets. 

And then, some idiotic mother allowed Daisy to take them to school. I even know better and I STILL let her take them. I broke all my own rules. She came back with one of them. Boo. And my least favorite of the lot. But the roses were her favorite so thank goodness for small favors. And now, I have good ammunition when children ask why we DON'T take things to school. Shame on me.

I made myself a necklace while I was there. I was trying to match some colors in a skirt, but somehow I ended up making a Halloween necklace. I really love it...I just won't be able to wear it year round. 

Here I am sporting it back around October. 

Also, beside me is the new can opener Tyler got me. I had a strong aversion to electric can openers, mainly because I couldn't get them to work. I felt like a dunce, but I was trying to save myself embarrassment, so I wouldn't own one. However, after going through a LONG LINE of manual can openers that kept failing after less than a year, it was time to face my fear. I am happy to say that I can open cans. (It's like doing the can-can. Ha!)

Anywho....I hope you are having a great new year. I am just happy that nothing major has broken down. (Unless you count Tyler's phone, which has died the death.) 

Stay tuned for plenty more. And I mean that.


Jenaca and Stephen said...

Yay... so happy to have you back. I missed your posts! Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

P.S - for some reason I still can't open that fil with T-Lee's pics. Weird huh?

¡Vieve! said...

So cute that you do little dates with everyone, and I wish my mom had done the same with us!