Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Stallion has a Birthday

Thirtyfive years ago precisely, a baby boy was born. Perhaps it was not world news, but it was pretty important to me. I missed many of this boy's birthdays, but I've been around for the last 13 or so. And I try to make them special. It is nice that I have quite a few helpers now.

Presents and cake are a given. And often we do balloons. Little did I know how my innocent suggestion to the girls would turn into quite the activity. I asked the girls if we should get some balloons for dad, and not only did they wholeheartedly agree, but June said we should put a challenge in each balloon for Tyler to accomplish.

It took us a while to think of 35 worthy tasks, but we did it. The balloons were scattered over the floor this morning, and we had just enough time before church for Dad to pop one balloon. His challenge was slurp a frozen gogurt without stopping.

Then after church we methodically went through each one. I thought you might enjoy hearing what the Stallion had to do and see some pictures to go with.

Stuff marshmallows in your mouth and sing “happy b-day to me”
Paint one toe nail pink
Spin while hopping on one foot
Kiss the two people closest to you (Robyn stayed near Tyler the whole time until he got this challenge)
Let Moxy lick your face
It's your lucky day -no challenge in this balloon
Say the alphabet backwards in 15 seconds (This one took him a few tries)
Hold all 5 girls at once without them touching the ground

With a 20 sided die, roll your age in 5 tries or less
Choose someone in the room and repeat their actions for one minute.
Balance all the remaining balloons for 20 seconds
Tell Robyn one thing you love about her
Tell June one thing you love about her
Tell Ivory one thing you love about her
Tell Daisy one thing you love about her
Tell Pearl one thing you love about her
Tell Mom one thing you love about her
Freeze—Don't move until one minute has passed (I told everyone to lick him while he was frozen. Hee hee.)
Say everyone's name backwards
Find a book, go to page 11, read the 14th word, and make up a short poem about that word

This one was classic: Tyler got the word TASTIER and here is his poem, made up on the spur of the moment:

Tis my birthday and I'm feeling tastier
Though I'm older and feeling a bit pastier
But that's A-OK
Cause I like it that way
I'm just a year older than lastier (get it....last year? I thought it was creative.)

Do Tyler jacks
Whistle a song that we can recognize
Lift your arms and let everyone tickle you for 30 seconds
Dance Oppa Gangnam style
Do the challenge you just did again (Tyler drew this right after making up his poem, so he had to do it again) This time the word was first:

I'm not the first and I'm not the worst
Tis the second that fits me so
For today is my day, tis my birth-day
It's on the 20th, don't ya know.

Make the sound of your favorite animal
Recite a poem from memory (The Touch of the Master's Hand)
Run to the fence and back barefoot. (The backyard fence to be clear)
Sing Happy Birthday in Portuguese
Come up with a word that describes you starting with each letter of your name (Terrific, Young, Logical, Excellent, Raging Stallion)
Let Mom pluck three nose hairs
Bring Pele back for an encore

Let everyone walk on your back
Do the tango with Maleen (Complete with rose)

When Tyler finished all 35 of his challenges, he was allowed to open his presents. He got a TON of camping gear because he has Klondike with the scouts this next weekend. He got some great gear and should sleep in comfort despite the frigid weather we are having. Ivory is sporting his new backpack.

I came up with a really random idea for his gift, but I think it turned out quite nicely. I drew a stallion for my stallion. See?

But wait, let's take a closer look. The whole thing is drawn using our family's names. 

Pretty cool huh? I think he really liked it and it is definitely original. And in case you are wondering, I put the names in freehand, but I did use a picture offline for the horse sketch. (I'm not that great of an artist.)

And then we had cake. I was very proud of my creation. Especially the chocolate 35 I made to stick out of the top. Beautiful....

And Tyler got all the candles with one blow. (Probably because there were only six.)

When I was making the chocolate numbers earlier, I made too much chocolate so we had a time out for apples dipped in chocolate. Daisy and Pearl were determined to clean out the bowl. 

I think the Stallion had a fabulous birthday. We sure love him. There is no one in the world quite like him. And he was very gracious about completing all his challenges. (The girls really loved it.) Happy Birthday my terrific Tyler!


meganmushrat said...

No mention of my present in all of that? Oh well, I guess it wasn't all that great. Remind me never to have a birthday at your house. I don't think I'd want to do those 35 challenges! Sounds like he had a great one.

meganmushrat said...

By the way, I forgot to mention how awesome that horse is. Whether you realize it or not - you have a real talent for that kind of drawing - I remember that one you did for one of Kolby's kids when he was bitten by a dog. As impressive as cross-stitching!

¡Vieve! said...

That challenges in the balloons are great ideas! I definitely am going to keep this in mind to do for a gift!