Monday, January 7, 2013

Mini Resolutions

We figure it is never too early to start getting children interested in setting their own goals and helping their dreams come true. I am pretty sure that the kids made some small goals last year, but who knows where they ended up. This year, I am smart enough to know where to find them again....right here, on my pseudo journal. Well, we could call it a real journal, because I pretty much tell it like it is anyway, and wouldn't put embarrassing secrets in a private journal regardless.

We told the girls they should focus on making a goal in three areas: Personal, Educational, and Spiritual. This is what they came up with:

Personal: Find a fossil. (This stems from her desire to be a geologist.)

Educational: Master subtraction facts using Xtra math.

Spiritual: Have prayer daily.

Personal: Take an art class and try two new mediums. (I am really proud of Robyn. Her art skills have been blossoming. She is already signed up to take an art class, and I am very excited to see what she comes up with. I think I have mentioned this before. I'm just excited for her.)

Educational: Finish learning multiplication tables up through 12s.

Spiritual: Do prayers daily.

Personal: Take a bath or shower every day.
Stop biting nails before June. (The month, not herself. And you can see that this lovely trait is shared by many in this family.)
Learn two church hymns on the piano. (This could also be listed under spiritual goals.)

Educational: Enter more than one thing in the Reflections contest.

Spiritual: Read the whole Book of Mormon before 2014.
Memorize and recite an article of faith every month until completed.
Remember daily prayers.

You can see that June was a little more ambitious, but that comes with age. The youngest two didn't make goals. If I could make some for them, it would be:

Stop picking on Daisy and learn to speak more clearly.

Learn the sounds of the alphabet letters and stop getting into Mommy's stuff.

And that about covers our family. Tyler did make some goals as well. I'm sure he has them written down somewhere. I only remember that he was planning on attending the temple with me, and building 12 websites. (That sounds ambitious to me, but he can do anything he put his mind to.)

2013 should be a fabulous year, especially if I get to break more grammatical rules, like starting a sentence with a number. (Tyler might cringe when he reads this.)


¡Vieve! said...

Those are some good goals, especially since they're still young ones, I know many adults that wouldn't attempt all that!

meganmushrat said...

I've been trying to have a Family Home Evening about goals, but between movies (going to see The Hobbit) and illness (I slept late yesterday), we haven't managed it yet. Maybe next Monday . . .