Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Serving It Up

To be clear, this is not the post about good intentions. (Really, still coming.) But I am going to mention another one. Our service continued right up into October where it ground to a halt. (Mainly because we were overwhelmed by holidays—in which we served, but not in such a structured manner.)

But October was very fun. We have a few trees in our yard, but nothing much and Tyler just mows the leaves into the grass. We have neighbors however who could supply a Wal-mart full of leaves. Too bad there is no real need for leaves. Besides in forests where they create a natural ground cover for seedlings and many critters. Other than that....just a LOT of leaves.

So we decided we would go rake. Sadly, as I was going to borrow rakes (since we don't have any) I drove by the house where we were planning to serve, and there was the sweet lady, raking up her leaves. Um...okay. Plan B.

We have an outstanding home teacher and friend who also has more trees than he can shake a stick at. We actually missed the first raking in which he made a pile of leaves taller than me, but we were still able to help out a bit. And the kids always love raking.

We were apprehended before we were finished, but Bro. Humphries was then nice enough to give our kids a dunk in the leaves. He chided us because we have never let our kids play in a pile of leaves, but we did let him put our children in the garbage. (You have to make sacrifices somewhere.)

Our experiences serving this year have been great. More often than not, the kids have an amazing time. Service can be fun, rewarding even. I look forward to another year of teaching my children to search for ways to look beyond themselves.

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¡Vieve! said...

What great neighbors you are, especially with doing so much service for others!