Friday, November 12, 2010

Seasonal Correspondence

Dear Fall,

You have been so wonderful this year. October was a dream with so many warm days. Even November started with sunny weather. I know you can't last forever, but thank you for making a concerted effort to appear in Utah this year. You have been known to give us a passing glance and then give us up to winter entirely too early. I don't feel gypped this year. I feel we had some quality time. Thank you.


Dear Winter,

I know we don't get along, but could you humor me with some snow that makes a good snowman. My kids are starting to doubt my abilities. I mean, look at the snowman of '06.

Pathetic I tell you. Last year, you actually didn't bring that much snow. I would be okay with that too. I put up with you because you bring Christmas and hot chocolate, but let's be clear...we are not friends.


1 comment:

Chelle! said...

I love that snowman!!! It made me giggle!!! I think it should snow on December 24 and December 25th and then be done!!