Friday, November 5, 2010

Kids Say...

...the darnedest things.

Some of my favorites recently. (And they aren't even all my kids.)

I picked up Ivory and carried her for a while since her shoes were off.
Me: Wow, you sure aren't light anymore.
Ivory: Am I dark?

We were discussing age advancements in our church during scripture study.
Dad: What happens when you turn twelve?
June: You get your ears pierced!!

I was taking Ivory and Brooklyn to school, and Brooklyn was telling me about Toy Story 3.
Brooklyn: My grandma took me to see it at the "Movie-ater." But then I saw it at "War-mart."

Ivory came home from school where they had walked through a spook alley.
Ivory: Mom, there was this one guy whose legs were "separtated" from his body.

We were watching Flushed Away with a neighbor girl who hadn't seen it before. In the movie the girl rat is named Rita. We were watching a section where they say her name quite a bit.
Emma: Is her name retard?

Kids are hilarious. If your child says something funny, write it down immediately. It is surprising what you will forget.


¡Vieve! said...

So many times when kids say stuff, I wonder if it's rude to just laugh at it. Maybe it is, but I'll keep doing it.

Carrie Lu said...

You're so right about writing it down quickly. Kids are hilarious.

Chelle! said...

Oh, I love to talk to never know what is going to come out of their mouths.

Rachel said...

Here's my latest; I was eating Go Lean cereal (it really does look like cat food!) and Emmeline looked into my bowl and said, "It's kitty food! Meeeoooww!" I enjoyed your funny moments!