Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hansel and Griddle

We all have wants. Sometimes we want something because we have used it before or have had something like it and we know we enjoy it. Other times, we want something because we think we will like it. My current list of wants has some of both. My previous lists of wants also had a mix. In fact just recently I stumbled across an old wish-list in my computer files. There were only four things listed:

Wish List
Gym pants
Reindeer Nose
Ceramic Straightener

I had gym pants before so knew I wanted them. The comforters were for the kids' beds. The Reindeer Nose was one of those silly ones you put on your car at Christmas time with little antlers that hook onto your windows. (Don't judge me, I still want one...think how easy it would be to spot your car in a parking lot, not to mention how festive your car would look.) I now own a straightener, but at the time I didn't know if I would like it or not.

(another mini flash-back)

When Tyler and I were married we got a hoard of gifts; things we knew we would like and some that we had never seen before. For the record, I adore my deep cookie sheets and use them weekly, but the pizza stones, (all five of them) not so much.

After all the gift giving, my mom mentioned a lady who still wanted to get us a present. I noticed that we didn't have a griddle, and I thought that I might like one. So this kind lady purchased one for us.

Well, it is eleven (almost) years later and that griddle may be my favorite kitchen gadget. Look at this thing.

Things to note:

It is dirty because we just made pancakes for dinner
The left handle is broken
The right handle is also broken and completely missing (I think that is from the time one of the kids pulled it off the counter by accident.)
You can see the heat pattern on the griddle from so much use
It is perfect for grilled cheese, pancakes, and quesadillas

It still works just fine, but it might finally be time to put a new griddle on my wish list. Because I know I want one. In fact, I want a bigger one. 

Then you can make more of these bad boys at one time.

I know it isn't the prettiest pancake; I was running out of swirl. They are supposed to look more like this.

And some of mine looked that way. But however they looked, they sure were tasty. You can find the recipe Here.

Happy Sunday. May the wants on your wish-list be something you can love through the ages.


Alissa said...

we have a griddle. it was the biggest one matt could find. he bought it for me for christmas 2 years ago.

i used it twice today. pancakes for breakfast, grilled cheese for dinner. no, i didn't wash it in between.

Gaynelle said...

My favorite griddle looked like that too. The one we got for our wedding and I finally threw it out when we moved from Orem. Bought another one and I hated it. So I threw that one out when we moved from Charlotte. I should put a new better griddle on my wish list again.

Chelle! said...

The griddle looks well-used...which means lots of family time together. AWESOME!!