Thursday, November 25, 2010

What was your first clue?

June may be one of those people who gets sick while reading in a car.

The drive to Idaho is not a bad one, and considering the weather, we made excellent time. However, literally ten minutes before our destination, June pipes up from the back, "Um, I just threw up."

Those are so NOT the words you want to hear in the car. EVER. I looked back and assessed the situation. I was riding shot-gun so it was my job to move about the car and help children. I dutifully left my seat and was deciding what to do next. I thought about going for a plastic bag, but it seemed like the damage was already done. So, the next option was wet wipes.

I should have gone for the bag.

Moments later, like a fountain, June threw up two more times. Oh, I love the holidays. We had no good way to clean it up, so like good parents, we made her sit in puke while we drove the last ten minutes to Grandma's house.

She was fine for the rest of the day and enjoyed all the feasting we did. We are thinking it had something to do with the fact that she read to her sisters for almost the whole four hours. And miraculously, we only got vomit on one book. (That is amazing since I think they brought almost 15 in the car.)

I do have pictures from our Thanksgiving spectacular, but I need to get to bed. Black Friday is a tradition around here, and I need to get some sleep before we wake bright and early.

Hope your turkey day was a groovy one.


Chelle! said...

Maleen, you should have June try the wrist bands that are for motion sickness. I get really car sick when I travel in the backseat. Someone recommended them to me and I purchased. They work. I rode in the backseat while reading to Texas and back and did not get sick at all. They are an amazing invention!

¡Vieve! said...

Poor June! Its stories like these that make me so glad I don't have that problem!

Cindy B said...

Poor kiddo. Will has that trouble a little too, but he seems to have outgrown it. Let's hope June does too.