Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Bit of This and That

I thought about saving all my small posts for November when I'm supposed to blog every day. But I am already pretty sure that isn't going to happen this year. So welcome to a hodge-podge post.

Back in September, I got sick. Bleh. It was not fun. I was sick for almost two weeks with a cough that held on for dear life. It was a busy couple of weeks and being sick was inconvenient. (I should probably not mention that Tyler had the same thing a couple days before me, but he took a few days off, slept all day, and seemed right as rain. Too bad, I didn't have that luxury. Moms seldom do.)  

Tuesday was the day that I started to feel the scratchiness in my throat. Luckily, I played substitute mom before it got bad. A friend of mine was out of town and she scheduled a stand-in mom each day for her kids after school. It was so fun to go hang out with her kids, give them a snack, and ask how their day was. Joe jumped in my car when I was leaving and tried on Pearl's hat before going back inside. I told him that I would take a picture and send it to his mom. He certainly does look suave.

The next few days I was a little slower around the house. Pearl was so good at entertaining herself, especially if I let her play on the computer.

In general it is easy having just the two of us at home. She comes with me if I have errands, or we chill at home and read books or both of us bond in the computer room. (Like right now. We are eating M&Ms and chatting while I blog and she plays something on FRIV.)

Lunch time is a good time. She is not too picky. And I enjoy the company. (I even curled her hair this day. Props for the sick mom.)

Pearl will start pre-school in a couple weeks. I hope it doesn't mess up our schedule too much. We have our groove on.

Monday: Library Day - We hit up the city library and restock books for the week.

Tuesday: Shopping Day - Gotta buy a ton of food to feed the hungry mouths around here.

Wednesday: Temple Day - I have a few friends and we trade off watching the kids and attending the temple. Pearl is one of the older kids and she is pretty helpful when I am chasing them all around. I took pictures one day last month when I was following them around. These two really like the organ.

Our sand pit always is a hit. Look at this little sandlot.

Thursday: Library Volunteering - This day we go to the school library and help Mrs. Giles with whatever she is working on. Some days I read stories, sometimes I do projects, or sometimes I just organize the shelves. Pearl is very well behaved and she sits and colors, reads, or occasionally steals my phone to watch Netflix.

Friday: This was Swimming Lesson day, but Pearl has not been the most adaptable student in the water. She has made progress and will put her face in now, but she gets so cold in the water, that she clams up and won't try anything. (I don't particularly blame her, since I don't like being cold either. But I'm not going to drag her to the pool just to watch her shiver.) Right now Friday is just a relaxing day to renew our energy from the long week.

What else can I throw into this post? Oh, June had this weird assignment to find and measure the largest leaf. We raided the neighbor's rhubarb patch and found this beauty.

Not bad, but Zuzu in her class found a bigger one, although I can't recall from what plant at the moment.

One more picture for the post. They've had two different spirit weeks at school already this year. I think one week was a campaign against drugs and the other was just a school spirit type of thing. But crazy hair day is always the favorite day. Personally I think that some of the kids could just get out of bed and go as is, and they would fit the bill, but we usually push it up a notch. (Not much though, it is still before 7:30 in the morning, and I don't punch in until 8.) This is about as good as it gets.

Ivory threw in some crazy socks for good measure.

Which reminds me...she has almost worn through another pair of shoes. Does anyone else's kids go through shoes like I go through peanut butter M&Ms? Is there a brand out there that lasts longer than others? I think I would pay good money if I knew the shoes would last the year. As it is, I buy the cheapest I can find, knowing I will have to buy more in a few months. June is the other culprit. A neighbor gave us a new pair of Tom's and she wore through the front toe area in two months. I think she must walk like a bear, dragging its paws. Another reason why I love flip flops. (Cheap and hard to wear through, although Ivory did break two pairs this summer. But

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meganmushrat said...

It's hard to believe there's a bigger leaf out there than the one June found! It's humongous (sp?) I'm glad the organ is such a hit. It was just sitting here in our rec room, with nobody using it. At least it gets some action at your place.