Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pick a Peck of Pumpkins

I love our tradition of getting pumpkins and carving them. It makes me happy in some weird squashy way. We still go to our old stomping ground to get pumpkins. I used to lament that we didn't go to some pumpkin patch and search all over for the 'right' one, but I have since decided that Pumpkinland is the 'right' fit for us. You still get to search...just in a smaller perimeter. Pearl was zipping about right away. Look at her hair fly.

I had double duty finding pumpkins for me and my sister. (Who was coming to visit and is here right now.) I think I found just the right one.

Robyn looks very serious making her decision.

They always have the mammoth pumpkins in one section so you can take pictures. Daisy looks like a little old lady sitting on these giant pumpkins.

Group photo. Everyone make a silly face.

Ivory is still deciding if this is the right one. Sometimes if you walk around holding a pumpkin, you know if it wants to go home with you.

Don't forget about this handsome fellow. Everything is always sweeter when Dad is around.

June was doing some stunts balancing on a wobbly pumpkin.

It must have exhausted her, so she took a little siesta.

Looks like Dad found his pumpkin.

So, we are all ready to go.

June wanted to do one last pose. She was imitating the scarecrow, but Ivory saw there was something missing. Nice touch, Ives!

Now to carve all these bad boys.

*I did attend Pumpkinland earlier this month with Daisy, but I'll put those pictures in another post.

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meganmushrat said...

I love how you have such wonderful traditions in your family. We didn't even decorate for Halloween this year. I just don't have the energy for it, and Tim (for some odd reason) hasn't seemed interested. Pity we can't join you for the festivities.