Friday, October 10, 2014

Put Off Today What You Can Do Tomorrow

I think part of my recent blogging problem is that I don't have a list. You know, my crazy list with all the posts I should do that I mark off when they are done?? Non-existent currently. So I busied myself with getting on the ball and making a list.

Now I am a little depressed with how many things I haven't blogged. But I am strangely consoled knowing that they are written down and there is less chance of their being overlooked.

While we are on the subject of my procrastination and delay, let's blog about the ice problem.

Remember back when we lived in the cat pee house? (I try not to.) There were plenty of problems there. One included that the water pressure was ridiculously high in the house. Great for showers, awful for appliances. While there, our ice maker in the fridge, broke.

I don't know what it would take to fix it? Even to disconnect it, I think we would need to take everything out of the fridge, defrost the freezer and then detach the line. In the meantime, there is a leak of some kind. It fills up the bottom of the freezer until it overflows onto the floor.

When we find a puddle of water (which has warped the wood) on the floor, we know it is time to chip out all the ice so that the leak can slowly refill the bottom of the freezer.

Chipping out the ice can be somewhat fun. Tyler uses his fists, I prefer a hammer. Large chunks of ice pop out and the kids actually like helping with this cleanup.

Here is Robyn helping me get the large chunks before we sweep up the smaller ones.

This is a strange ritual that we do every two to three weeks. It is annoying, but oddly, not annoying enough to bother moving everything out of the fridge and fixing the problem.

I document it here to prove that I am lazy sometimes. I am totally putting tape over the leak instead of fixing the pipe. And most likely when we do fix the problem, it will be easier than we thought and we will wonder why we chipped ice out of our freezer for a year or so.

Ah, good times when one is too busy to be efficient.

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meganmushrat said...

Hmmm - somewhat similar to our de-icing our big freezer, which gets everybody involved with buckets of hot water. And it re-ices up again so quickly! Modern conveniences aren't always that convenient!